Hudson River Valley Historic Sites

Historical Sites of Hudson River Valley

Maps of Hudson River, maps, boat clubs, publications, other links. National Historic Site. You will see culture, nature, historical sites, museums and shopping. In the Passport programme, visitors can purchase stamps free of charge at various historical locations in the region. York, Lyndhurst is a fortress-like Gothic rebirth villa on the Hudson River.

National Eleanor Roosevelt Historical Site

Historic description: After the death of her husbands President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eléanor retreated to the humble home in Val-Kill near the Hudson River. Viaduct and Rt. 9 North (Hyde Park) junction. All-Kill is on Rt. 9G in Hyde Park. Northbound from Taconic State Parkway: Take the Rt. 55 West (Poughkeepsie) to Rt. 9 North (Hyde Park).

All-Kill is on Rt. 9G in Hyde Park. Southbound from Taconic State Parkway: Take the Rt. 199 East (Red Hook) to Rt. 308 East (Rhinebeck). On Rt. 308 East to Rt. 9 South (Hyde Park). All-Kill is on Rt. 9G in Hyde Park. Northbound to Sawmill River Parkway, take the Henry Hudson Parkway (Rt. 9A).

Sawmill River Parkway North, take the Taconic State Parkway North outbound. Coming from Taconic, take the Rt. 55 West (Poughkeepsie) to Rt. 9 North (Hyde Park). All-Kill is on Rt. 9G in Hyde Park.

Historical Sites | Historical Hudson Valley

One of the ten Hudson Valley County, Putnam County is situated between Westchester and Dutchess County on the eastern side of the Hudson River. Visiting Putnam, where you will find several historical places of Putnam, among them the enchanting and historical village of Cold Spring. County historical places:

Historical and cultural landmark of the Cold Spring Chapel, Boscobel Home and Gardens Restoration in Garrison NY 10524, West Point Foundry Preserve, Manitoga, and the Russel Wright Design Center in Garrison NY 10524. Historic Hudson Valley has been declared a National Heritage Area and stretches from Albany in the Hudson Valley to New York City, just South of Westchester County in the Hudson Valley.

The area contains a wealth of places of cultural heritage of national importance that stand out against the wonderful landscape of the area. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, the Hudson Valleys are well known. Hudson Valleys is steeped in ancient times. Explore the places where much of US historiography has been written.

Have a look at historical houses and properties. See the story as it was experienced in the houses of the president, signatories of the Declaration of Independence and industrialists. Schedule your Hudson Valley sabbatical. You will find many funny things to do while you relive Hudson Valley story. Schedule the best holiday in historical Hudson Valley.

Filled your day with story, pristine beauties and arts as they have been reinterpreted and drawn by the Hudson River School of Artists. Unwind in the stunning scenery that is part of the beautiful landscape of the Valais. Historic Hudson Valleys comprise ten provinces and are commonly referred to as three geographical areas: the Lower-Hudson Valleys, Mid-Hudson Valleys and Upper-Hudson Valleys.

All of these provinces are located on the Hudson and Hudson Riverside. North-Hudson Valley consists of the County of Putnam and Dutchess on the eastern side of the Hudson and the County of Orange and Ulster on the western side. Explore the Middle Hudson Valley's past by exploring the riverside manors, arts and natural scenery.

The Boscobel site is in Garrison NY 10524 in Putnam County in one of the Hudson Valley River Towns. The Boscobel is a neo-classical villa (built 1804-1808) on a cliff with a view of the Hudson Valley, where the Hudson Highlands are formed by the Hudson Appalket. Hills on both sides tower more than 1000 ft from the rim of the waters at the narrower, deeper and most perilous point of the city.

Situated on the Hudson, this picturesque town boasts an exceptional and stunning views of the Hudson Highlands. The restoration of the Shrine is at 45 Market Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516 in Putnam County. There is a band for those who have found work at West Point Foundry in Cold Spring to help them and their family.

Governor Kemble gave money and lands to the first Romanesque Catholic Orthodox congregation just outside Manhattan. "West Point Foundation Reserve Why it's different. "Walkers at West Point Foundation Reserve are enjoying a quiet soundtrack, the soft rustle of Foundation Brook. This is far from the noise of the West Point Foundation that fills this gorge.

" Manitoga, The Russel Wright Design CenterDas Russel Wright Design Center befindet sich in 584 Route 9D, Garrison NY 10524, Putnam County. "Schedule a trip to Manhattan or a two-week exploration of Hudson Valley heritage. Jump back in time to historical Hudson Valley, where you can immerse yourself in the houses and lands of leaders such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and industrial giants such as John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, who all contribute to America's expansion and prosperity in one way or another.

Schedule a historical journey to historical Hudson Valley and find out more about the American Revolution and the beginning of a new people. People of all ages can discover and enjoy the story of the United States' Nativity while visiting historical sites. Hear the story and tales of business executives like John D. Rockefeller, who made their fortunes and later became famous as philanthropists.

Stroll through the warehouses and compound in the manors of leaders of government, business, the arts and architectural circles, all of whom play their part in the historical evolution of this United States of America. Take a breather from Putnam County Parks After a visit to historical places in Putnam, take a rest from the story and take a pick nick at Clarence Flagestock Memorial State Park.

Hudson Valley is rich in lovely parkland and scenery. Nearly all of them have pick nick desks, some overlooking the Hudson River. Locate a near Putnam and have a picknick in the plant.

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