Hudson River Valley Historic Homes

The Hudson River Valley Historic Houses

When you walk into the garden of another venerable house, continue up the river.... Historic houses of the Hudson River Valley.

Cold Spring Historic District covers much of the central area of the Hudson River village. "The "founding father of literature" created a romantic, picturesque estate on the Hudson River bank. Lyndhurst is located in Tarrytown, New York, and is a fortress-like Gothic rebirth villa on the Hudson River. Or simply visit the most famous residence in Hudson House:

The five historic lands we like in the north of New York

In the midst of its unspoiled nature and picturesque guesthouses, one can easily ignore that the hinterland of New York is full of historical riches, but also a true refuge for beautiful homes from the past. Along the Hudson River lie the homes of authors and illustrious family, from the US writer Washington Irving to the mighty Rockefeller family.

The majority of these homes have now been converted into historic sites and beautiful museum sites, many of which are easily accessible from New York Central. Summers on the skyline make an excursion to these homes and facilities a great way to take you back in history and discover the royal and magnificent hinterland of New York in the nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Since then, Ever Rest has been the home and workshop of Hudson River School artist Jasper Cropsey and his family. After her death, her grandchild Isabel came into her possession and remained there until her death. The house was registered in the National Register of Historic Houses in 1977 and is now a monument.

From Manhattan a very brief and one-way drive, about 30 min by road and 40 min by Metro North railway, guided visits through the house and studios are only possible by arrangement and on workdays. Guided visits do not take place in August, December or January. The picturesque country house of Washington Irving, author of the nineteenth c., Sunnyside was best recalled for his shorts The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, two narratives deeply ingrained in the hinterland of New York.

" Situated on the shores of the Hudson River, the house is now a permanent home and retains what it was when Irving was living there - what he did until his demise - with many of his belongings, among them his partners' desks, his favourite Voltaire stool and his cane.

From May to the beginning of November there are regular visits to the building and the Bucharest site, the entire tour lasts about an hours. From Manhattan, the quickest way to place a wager is by rail, as the Metro North to Irvington from Grand Central is a little over 40 mins. Today the six-storey stonehouse is a historical symbol, only the spacious complex and the garden of sculptures are definitely deserving a look.

Visit the rooms of the building and admire the works of Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson and David Smith. Discover the subterranean galeries that houses Governor Rockefeller's Picasso tapestry and the cave-like coach barn with its classical car and horse-drawn carriage museum.

Find out the tales that emphasize the life of Rockefeller members and their contribution to Philanthopia, Nature Protection, Economy, Government and Art. Guided walks through the gardens, houses and countryside are open Thursdays to Sunday in high season, and if you take the fast drive to Sunnydale, it is more than possible to reach both sights in one morning, especially if you take the Metro North to Tarrytown.

The home of Ogden Mills, a business man, and his late Ruth Livingston Mills, Staatsburgh, was handed down through successive centuries as the Livingston familiy was large landlords in the Hudson Valley in the Centennial. In 1890, the Mills made the house a Beaux-Arts house with 65 rooms and 14 baths. The Mills were given the task of enlarging and embellishing the house by a renowned New York City architect's office.

They were known for hosting up to 80 people at a single meeting and after their deaths they handed the estate over to them. A descendant of the house and its 192 hectares gave it to the state of New York in 1938. The villa is situated two hrs from the town, on a cliff with a view of the Hudson River, and can be viewed all year round and features a wide range of activities, many of them them them thematic historic itineraries.

On the picturesque Hudson Railway to Olana, the 250 hectare scenery of the prestigious Hudson River School painters Frederic Church. One of the most popular houses in New York and a country gem, Olana's flagship home is pretty but difficult to categorize because of its distinctive aura.

Constructed in the mid-19th centur y, after Church and his spouse Isabel had come back from a journey to Europe and the Near East, the married couple created the house to combine decorative design from the Near East with Victorian architecture features. Although the Congregation' extended many years in the house, the Church worked on it for the remainder of its time.

Situated in the heart of the Hudson River, the hostel is set amidst scenic coach lanes and breathtaking picnics overlooking the Hudson River. Reserve your entrance ticket for your trip home, as there is a large choice of lectures, classes and guided visits available throughout the year.

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