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The Ultimate Hudson Valley Getaway: Wide view of the Hudson River and the Highlands

Take one of the few dirt road in the area and go up the hillside to our lovely house. Awaken at dawn with a gorgeous Hudson River panorama; the main room on the upper floor has a double berth and a private bathroom. On the ground floor, the room has a full size double berth, its own veranda and an unbelievable river outlooks.

The trail climbs up to Hudson Highlands State Park and the famous Breakneck Ridge with a panorama view of the Hudson River Valley. The Clarence Flagpole Memorial State Park is a brief trip to the RT 301, with boat trips, angling and more touring. Appalachian Trail also passes through the Hudson Highlands.

We wanted a home that seemed to belong here, but had many of the features we saw on our journeys. So, we have the Rock of Croatia, the Bows of Rome, the gates of old Goa and Afghanistan, all over the Hudson River. It is a place where we enjoy watching the skies, it is constantly changing and from our seat we have a great panoramic vista.

As we were building the building, we placed the viaduct in today's private gardens, but at that point there was only a musty area where fox and stags came by and sometimes took a little break. Near NYC, just a quick drive by rail.

You can either take the bus to the station or just a few steps away. Or, on summersundays, go to the Bazaar On Hudson to buy goods from locals and artist. The Glynwood Farm is just a quick trip up 301. With our hounds we simply enjoy hiking down the entrance and into the forest.

Hudson Valley has it all! Our home is located in one of the most scenic areas, the Hudson Highlands. What a great hike here. On Bull Hill or Mt Taurus, use either the name and its still our bass, our departure point for trekking in the Hudson Highlands. Not only does the Hudson River offer great view from the home, but you can also go on foot to its shores and see it up close.

Kayaking, boating and visiting some of the historical sites along the Hudson for the waters are also available. We' ve been living in many different countries, sometimes for 2 years, but this is our home! With the help of a beautiful master craftsman and architecture we made it.

Talking of cuisine, the remainder of the timber is recovered barnstick. It's so nice. On the other hand, the other really big thing about our house is the location, the look and all the natural things that are in and around it. The first time he came to the site, he climbed up the cliff to see the views from above.

That' s why the most important dwelling and masters suits are on the upper floor to grasp the benefits of the opinion, which is not really possible to put in photographs. Breathtaking home with breathtaking panoramic vistas. That place is one of the best warehouses I've ever been allowed to live in.

At the beginning of May we spent several nights in this unique and nice building. There was a really stunning mountain and Hudson River views. We had a large living/dining area with panoramic views, which offered us a wonderful panoramic outlook that never got boring. We' ve been in love with this place and we are hoping to be able to visit it!

It' s a really stunning view. So we spent a nice holiday in the town, relaxing in this quiet and scenic environment. There are bedbugs in the building for the grow room, yes.

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