Hudson River Valley Day Trips

One-Day Hudson River Valley Excursions

Quick connections to attractions in the Hudson Valley and New York hinterland, including activities and day trips in the Catskills. Walk or drive to the top of the mountain for breathtaking views of the Hudson River Valley. The best in Hudson River Valley - Poughkeepsie Travel Planner. The Hudson River Valley, once a flourishing industrial waterway, has experienced a renaissance in the last ten years. Abandoned Bannerman Castle is located on a tiny Hudson River Island.

1 Day Hudson Valley Apple Picking and Brotherhood Winery Tour

We' re going to the biggest garden of ciders in Hudson Valley to pick them. The Hudson Valley is America's second biggest growing area for cider. A brief ride inland from New York and we can admire the magnificent views of the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley manufactures a wide range of high quality and high quality products such as Empire type fruit trees, Crimson type fruit trees, Fuji and Macoun type fruit trees.

Situated in the Hudson Valley in New York's New York Wines District, the estate is often considered the oldest in the country with over 170 years of brewery-making. Any obligatory charges must be payed in full to the host and cannot be bought separately. You must pay your travel agent in full for all of your elective grouping.

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