Hudson River Valley Boat Tours

The Hudson River Valley Boat Tours

The Hudson River Cruises offers various types of excursions on the Hudson River. to the Hudson Valley's Fastest Way To Fun. The River Valley Tours offers eight-day cruises along the Hudson River Valley sightseeing tours on the water. Caldwell Belle offers tours along the upper Hudson River and Champlain Canal. The trains and boats are the child in all of us.

A Hudson River Valley boat ride

Thanks, I had found cleanwater, but it doesn't seem to do the journey up behind all the great states. I' ve found out where you can make bookings for groups of ten people or more, but not just for a few, and click on Hudson River cruise on the leftside. Most of the properties in the lower Hudson Valley are definitely deserving a visit.

If only you would visit Boscobel with its stunning views over the Hudson past West Point to Bear Mountain Bridge, you would get a sense of what these places are like. Boscobel is also the setting for the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, whose festival is in full progress during your visit.

" I' ve been told that the railway line near NYC is a nice journey, or maybe it would be better if we rented a NYC-cars. They can take a local rail (Metro North RR) to Poughkeepsie, but no further. While you can take Amtrak to Rhinecliff (Rhinebeck) across the Kingston River, you still have to go to Kingston.

It takes 1.5 hours on the most immediate lane (I-87/NYS Thruway) from Manhattan to Kingston, longer if you take a picturesque lane or stop at different places. When you are ready to give up the boat ride, a hire vehicle is the best choice. The J62 is a very precise description of the Metro North journey and its limits.

Likewise, I think that if you don't plan to stay in Hudson Valley, you'll have to restrict your route to two or three places to meet them in the amount of space you've been allotting. Regarding Montauk, I can't remember what season you said you were coming to visit us, but Montauk is about three hrs away from the city in good transport, much, much more in-best.

Most of the journey takes us along the extremely dull Long Island Expressway and the rest via traffic-calmed two-lane motorways through the Hamburg (summer residence of the wealthy and famous), then about an hour to Montauk. Several Jersey Shore townships are much easier to reach from New York, even by NJ transit from Penn Station, and they are as beautiful scenery as east Long Island, without the Hamptonttitue.

When you are travelling by road, you may want to visit the spectacular Island Beach State Park. Maybe another good excuse to take the Jersey Shore rail. Thank you again, so..... if we rented a vehicle, we could go to Kingston, but we really wouldn't see much of the architectural construction I would have imagined, unless we go to every property that is open to the people?

Will it be a four to five hours ride to Long Island and Montauk? We'll be there in the first half of July, so the wheather would be fine? So if we choose the Jersey Shores options.... which sounds pretty appealing, we'd need a ride, or just take the rail, how long would it take to get us out of there.

They have several special targets enumerated - Kingston, Montauk, Jersey Shore, each of which could be a long to very long way from Manhattan. When you plan these trips as a daily excursion or as a 2-3 days outing? When it is a sandy area, then you have many possibilities, each with advantages and disadvantages.

When it' s a scenic journey with historical properties, there are places much nearer than Kingston. You can choose a really beautiful 1-day excursion or an even more beautiful itinerary. When it' s a Hudson River boat tour - (which you mentioned first), there may be better than Kingston alternatives.

When it is a scenically attractive ride through the landscape - there are many trails to consider. One way to see Montauk is to take the New London rail, then hire a vehicle and take the Orient Point boat to Long Island. It will take you through a beautiful part of the sounds and bring you nearer to Montauk.

"I had found Hudson River Cruises, but their website said they didn't make bookings for less than 10 in all. I' m awaiting an e-mail from them about this. Thanks for coming to Montauk, it' sound great.

J62 What we are considering is to leave NYC early in the mornings and go to nearby NYC, maybe by CT boat as proposed above, the next to Kingston, take the Hudson River Cruises and then back to NYC. - The 2 hour Orient Point to Mantauk tour over very slowly 2-lane rounds.

When you leave Manhattan at 6 a.m., you come to Montauk around lunch. I' m not quite sure what attracts you to Montauk, especially for a full-time excursion or a fast sleep. Next morning it is a 4-5 hour ride from Montauk to Kingston - could be even harder if there is any kind of transport, as you would be going straight through NYC again.

You will take a full outing from Montauk to Kinsgton, then back to NYC. Like others said, the Hudson Valley is beautiful when you're in the area or crossing it. There''s no way I would recommend a one full days journey from even NYC to Kingston to capture a boat journey, let alone an additional 3+ hour drive from the tip of Long Island.

I would advise you to take one or the other and schedule 2 day / 1 nights either on Long Island or in Hudson Valley, but if you are planning both, you will see lessons and lessons of the route and transport. NJTransit trains from Penn Station in New York to many Jersey Shore townships take about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs, southbound.

You' d probably want to go to a town such as Spring Lake (very nice, pretty houses; a long, non-commercial beach promenade; no comfortable change rooms for day-trippers) or Ocean Grove (family-friendly town, non-commercial beach promenade, dressing rooms available) or Belmar (commercial beach promenade, many activities). You have not made clear, however, why you want to go to the shore (or to Montauk).

If you are looking for untouched sand dune and game instead of seaside resorts, you should consider Island Strand State Park (see above in this thread). As J62 says, trying to pack LI or the Jersey Shore and Hudson Valley into a journey invites long waiting times in transport.

Lissa2905, It's not cheap, but have you seen Journey along the Hudson? Yeah, I suppose we were looking for those stereotyped Hampton shores and shorelines in Montauk. We' d like to see that, and we also want the villas and large properties along the Hudson, would we do better than make both than split days out from NYC and back?

They' re a long, long ride from NYC. I' m repeating my proposal from the Jersey Shore. Spring Lake has a nice alley (Ocean Avenue) between the large houses (some quite spectacular) and the sandshore. It is a nice city that is well deserved a trip, even a few steps from the sea. Other cities on Jersey Shore just off Spring Lake are Deal and Elberon, both of which have giant houses.

To visit the typically eastern coast of the USA, drive to Island Beach State Park, a long, small nature preserve on one of the Atlantic Ocean facing the Jersey continent. And yes, you should do the land excursion (NJ or LI) on a different date than the Hudson Valley excursion.

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