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The Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, Greenville, New York. An historic art center in the inspiring Hudson River Valley in New York. The Hudson River Valley Art Workshops | A historical art center in the inspiring Hudson River Valley in New York. The Hudson Valley Art Association, Inc. We are a historic art center in the inspiring Hudson River Valley in New York.

Fine Arts Lessons

Since 1952 Greenville Arms 1889 Inn offers accommodation, tasty cuisine and a cosy atmosphere. Mealtimes are taken together in a relaxed atmosphere. Kim LaPolla, our manager, has put together a varied and imaginative workshop programme. You will be encouraged to unwind, concentrate on your own creativeness and grow in the companionship of your classmates and teacher.

Our workshops, board and lodgings are all in one place at our historical 1889 Greenville Arms Inn, in the hinterland of New York's Hudson River Valley and Catskill Mountain Area. We' ve removed the need to commmute back and forth for board and accommodation, which saves you valuable resources and costs for the things you like - your work!

Our art teachers teach art classes at all skill level. We' ll be sending you the booklet and you'll stay on our mailinglist for upcoming workhops.

Prices & Information

It is important that you let us know when you register if you need a room on the groundfloor; it is not possible to alter your room allocation at a later date. 2120 Workshop-Packages: Included in 2018 5-day workshop pack (6 nights): 5-day workshop pack: Classes for 5 full day classes, 6 night dinners, bed and breakfasts, biscuit and fruits break, free afternoon snacks, indefinite amount of afternoon snacks and a welcome with wines and cheeses.

The 2018 3-day workshop pack (4 nights): 3-day workshop pack includes: Classes for 3 full day classes, 4 night dinners, accommodation, breakfasts, biscuits and fruits, free afternoon snacks, free afternoon snacks, free afternoon refreshments, welcome drink and chees. Please note: Some workshop have an extra course charge due to a higher teacher's charge.

20 dollars tutoring for Lyric Kinard, Rosalie Dace, Margaret Dyer, Christine Camilleri, Richard McKinley, Mel Stabin, Gloria Loughman, Henry Yan, Skip Lawrence. 35 dollars for Margaret Evans, Robert Burridge, Sue Benner, Ana Buzzalino. $ 55 tutoring for Fabio Cembranelli, Nancy Crow. VAT and service taxes are not levied on study and study fee or modelling fee.

⢠A modelling charge will be added to the following workshop: $74 for Margaret Dyer and Henry Yan. Modelling charges can be adapted according to the number of participants and the type of equipment used. You can enrol as a full-time pupil and only cover the course costs if you are living in the immediate vicinity.

Some of the courses have an extra course charge. Please see above under Packages. In order to register for the seminar of your choise, please use the registration sheet in the following adress. Alternatively, you can register to make a payment by calling your bank account with a debit and/or debit cards. Registrations are processed in order of receipt.

Bonds are used as prepayment for lessons and accommodation. Up to 30 workdays before the beginning of a course, a $75 penalty will be deducted for each cancel. A $25 charge will apply for transferring to another classes 30 nights ago. A $405 down payement will not be refunded for bank wire payments or cancelations with less than 30 days' notices.

In case we cancel a seminar, the fee will be reimbursed immediately. After receiving the registration you will receive a course schedule. It' important that you have everything you need for your lessons. We recommend a flip-up chair, an easel, a coneflower and hiking boots for the outdoors.

Easel paintings are provided for interior painters. When you come to a fibre art factory, Log Cabin Factory will help you create a mini-shop with fabrics, yarns, marker fabrics, colours, ink and other terms. Taxiservice is available from Amtrak Hudson Station, 15 Leagues from Greenville.

You will receive a full description of how to get there with the registration certificate. Use the following description as a guideline for selecting classes: ⢠Middle - The trainee has skills in the fundamental element such as style, value, edge, colour, shape and structure; he already has good drawing skills and is experienced with the media he teaches in the group.

Please click on the above links to get a downloadable version of the above information and registration forms. If you would like to register for one of the workshop, you can simply call us and register by telephone. Alternatively, you can fill in the registration and send it to the following adress.

When you register, if you intend to take your pets with you, you must let us know so that we can ensure that you receive a pet-friendly room and fully comply with our pets policy. For your sojourn during the workshops an extra $75 will be charged.

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