Hudson River Ride

The Hudson River Ride

Experience the highlights of the open spaces of New York City with a fun and comfortable bike tour! Get on the Circle Line BEAST Speedboat Ride and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! The Hudson Valley is well known and we have teamed up with a number of local companies to bring you food from the farm to the table during this tour. Cruise the bike-friendly Greenway along the water and explore the city's sights from the southern tip of Manhattan. NYC's only roller coaster ride on the water!


There are five routes that take bikers through a breathtaking scenery. Bikers of all levels will explore the beauties of New York's hinterland on this picturesque ride along and across the Hudson River and over the gentle countryside of the Hudson River. From starting/finishing on the banks of the Hudson, to refueling at resting places or repairing homes on the way, the volunteer plays a major part in making this event a unique event for some 2,000 bikers.

The volunteer must be 18 years of age or older or 14-17 years of age on the date of the meeting. Any volunteer must apply before the meeting. Free breakfasts and/or lunches, souvenir T-shirt, 50% discount on the application fees for the next Discover Hudson Valley or Twin Lights Ride. Selected tracks are open to the marshalls when they have completed their tasks and want to move on.

You will be volunteered along the course to perform certain duties in your area. Its functions are to alert subscribers to the state of the roads, provide assistance in traffic accidents, promote the use of slower drivers and provide information for subscribers, viewers and the population. Selected tracks can be open to marshalls when they have completed their duties and want to move on.


You can also hire your own bicycle in the garden if you do not have one. Bicycle stands are available throughout the whole area. For security reasons, it is recommended that the user keep to the right and drive in a separate data set. Dock 84 at W.44th St. Pier 25 at N. Moore St. Pier 40 at W. Houston St. Pier 45 at Christopher St. Pier 51 at W12th St. Pier 84 at War 44th St. North of the Park:

The Riverside Park South connects Riverside Park at St. Sherry Park and the West Harlem water front. Riverside-Fort Washington Left stretches from 155th Street to 158th Street and connects Riverside Park with Fort Washington Park. This connection allows you to take the Hudson River promenade to 181st Street.

On 181st road, the parking lanes turn into the interior and link up with the municipal road network.

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