Hudson River new York Map

New York Hudson River Map

Map of Hudson River, NY - Topographic map of Hudson River - Tourist map of Hudson River - Road map of Hudson River regions. New York Harbour to. Manhattan, Old New York Map, Vintage Map, Cartography, Illustrated, Thomas Hooker, NYC, Pocket Map, Old Map, Hudson River, Printing, Map Art. You can use this relief map to navigate to tidal stations, surf breaks and cities around Kingston, Hudson River, New York. Ports and Harbours Map of the New York Harbor River System.

Hudson River Rail Road map from New York to Albany.

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Manhattan North River Map | Transitoriness New York

Those of you who are used to old New York charts and travel guides have probably already seen it: The river along the west side of Manhattan is called the North River, not the Hudson as we know it today. I' ve always thought that North River is an old-fashioned name for this river that was disgraced after the turn of the twentieth centuries.

Then I came across this 1960 sticker attached to Pier 40, the solid area that was constructed as the terminals for the Holland America line of cruisers that now serve as a leisure area for Hudson River Park. This board is related to the "Pier 40 North River". For all I know, most folks called it the Hudson in 1960.

It turned out that the Hudson part of the Hudson is actually the North River alongside Manhattan. "The North River is the section of the powerful Hudson River that stretches north from the top of Manhattan Island, on the Battery, to approximately under the George Washington Bridge - a 11.3 mile distance," says a 2008 volume, Railroad Ferries on the Hudson.

Obviously the Dutch called the river the North River to differentiate it from other streams in the new Dutch settlement, like the East River and the South River (today's Delaware River).

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