Hudson River Museum of Westchester

The Hudson River Museum of Westchester

The Andrus Planetarium, located inside the museum, is the only public planetarium in Westchester County. Artists at the Hudson River Museum Summer Amphitheatre in 2018 Westchester Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music Joey Berkley will be bringing his group to the theatre on 17 August. The Hudson River Museum has a whole series of free shows in the Hudson River amphitheatre this year. For the next 30 nights, please view 20 free items, pictures and video clips.

In the meantime, you' ll be able to watch the latest stories, the latest events, the latest events and more, "as much as the newscasts. Please choose your area below to view the latest updates.

The Hudson River Museum Drop In & Draw Information 06/09/18

Playing with motion and gestures to use different paintbrushes and a large screen to produce an expressionistic Jackson Pollock-style drop-picture. Hudson River Museum is the biggest arts and culture centre in Westchester County and a multi-disciplinary building that derives its name from its location on the Hudson River.

Glenview, a 1876 National Register of Historic Places home; Hudson Riverama, an educational environment galery; a state-of-the-art 120-seat planetary and 400-seat amphitheatre every week-end, dedicated all year round for family and event time.

The Hudson River Museum of Westchester

Yonkers High School's Junior Docent Programme at the Hudson River Museum educates Yonkers High school students to become guides, philosophers, professionals and contributors to the Yonkers family. Aim of the programme is to promote an understanding of arts and cultural issues while at the same time training the pupils' vocational abilities and becoming involved as museum staff. Almost eighty high schools take part in the programme, which represents all the high schools in Yonkers.

The junior lecturers gather once a month, after class or on the weekend to study with trustees, performers, scientists, researchers, mathematicians and other professionals to improve their management qualities and university entrance qualifications. In order to feed the pupils and guarantee their willingness to study, the programme also contains a wholesome lunch with the support of the Child and Adult Care FoodPartner.

Araya Henry, Youth and Family Programme Director, signed up to the program because refund financing is helping to compensate for the costs of eating healthier meals; she explains: "The money allows us to deliver nutritional treats such as fruit and veg, milk and nut and wholemeal that would otherwise be costly and would come out of our budgets.

Prior to participation in the CCFP, there were treats that were cheaper and sometimes rich in sugars and fats. As a result of the reimbursement of carbon credits (CACFP), we are now able to offer a range of healthcareers. As Henry says, "In our after-school programme we encourage the use of wholesome food, present unknown food to the students and offer nutritional alternatives that are good for their psychological and physiological wellbeing.

And because the CPACFP also refunds food and snack on the weekend, the benefit of nutritional snack also extends to Saturday and Sunday sittings.

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