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The Red Groom and the Civil War Joséphine Douetis is a portrait of a landscape of Chad Ford, Pennsylvania and those who inspire the US artist Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009). The Wyeth Wonderland show, an exhibit of Douet's photos of the countryside that Wyeth created in his work, is complemented by his watercolours borrowed from Adelson Galleries. Douet has chosen twelve of the painter's paintings and watercolours for this show, which he combines with photos from the Wyeth Wonderland collection.

The Wyeth Wonderland Wyeth Wonderland exhibition was initially commissioned by the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, which in 2016 organized a backdrop to the work of Andrew Wyeth and his father Jamie. Douetâ??s awe for Wyeth goes back to her early years, so she was anxious to cross an oceans to dive into Wyethâ??s home town, which she found in perfect balance with her own place of birth, Normandy, and where she would get much of his work.

On a trip through Chadds Ford, a photografer in the shoes of a painter, Douet felt the place remained the same since Wyeth worked there. To some of the folks who had known Wyeth as she searched for the mystery of his sensitivity: âI have built strong and deep relationships with the Chadds Ford community and the former Andrew Wyeth family, and shared astonishing memories with Helga, his mysterious face for fifteen years.

â Looking at Wyeth's moments through her camera objective gave Douet an idea of Wyeth and help her find a new note for her own photography. Civil War, Americaâ?"s history, is narrated by Red Grooms, who has been bringing urban and rural living to statues and canvases for 50 years. The Hudson River Museum is filled with Lincoln on the Hudson, a larger-than-life, walk-in sequence of President elect Lincoln's historical performance in Westchester Countyâs Peekskill on the shores of the Hudson.

The Grooms is known for its ability to create surroundings in which colourful human sculpture navigates through moments full of detail that make us laugh and want to go through the Grooms game. Well-known for his immersed surroundings, the painter made a Lincoln work in the museum that occupies 775 sq. m. of galleries and is 17 ft. high â" a universe of mousse, fabric and light color.

At the end of the procession that traversed the land from the middle west to the west to take it to its blessing in 1861, Líncoln is welcomed by rejoicing village people, on horseback troops (the civil war is about to begin), a percussionist and a wind ensemble. It is a fortunate occasion in history, it is underlined with disquiet that Lindon states.

Groom crown the bridegroom with a very high treasure that makes him the country's chief and his first. The Hudson River Museum organised a visit to the Hudson River. Catholics have painted the Civil War for over 20 years. Raised in the south, near the battlegrounds of battle, he turned to battle and important figures to draw large and small works for the Blue and The Gray series.

Blue and The Gray is the result of an exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum. Pictures and artefacts that show the art and civilization of the country and New York during the Civil War come from the museum's own collections, which personalized this dispute and enriched the exhibits of RGW.

Topics included an appeal to the poor, Lincoln as chairman and a long memorial of the veteran warriors. Included in the exhibit are woodblock prints by Winslow Homer, the filmmaker who document the battle for Harperâs Weekly, one of the new US policy journals to report on frontline developments. Burckhardt's numerous works of art have included his work on The Bookstore, a Red Grooms Pop Art genius, and a non-volatile work at the Hudson River Museum.

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