Hudson River Museum in Yonkers Ny

The Hudson River Museum in Yonkers Ny

Educator, school partnership HUDSON RIVER MUSEUM(hrm. org) is the biggest arts centre in Westchester County and an AAM-accredited multi-disciplinary facility that takes its ID from its location on the shores of the Hudson River and seeks to expand the culture horizon of all its people. Glenview, an 1876 National Register of Historic Places building; Hudson Riverama, an educational environment galery; a modern 120-seat planetary and 400-seat amphitheatre.

Presenting exhibits, programmes, educational events, research, collecting, conserving and conserving - a broad spectrum of events that interprets its own collecting, interests and societies. This museum educator is in charge of a one-of-a-kind museum study relationship with classes Pre-K to 2 in an unsupplied primary education center next to the museum.

It is a full-time agreement designed to facilitate the whole relationship, which includes designing with the management and personnel, educating pupils and instructors at the museum and in it, co-ordinating all our activites and suppliers, designing, curing the year-end edition and ensuring that there is close communications between the museum and the university.

He will work with the government, employees and pupils through extensive one-year STEM coding that links the college and the museum, and will be built on object-based teaching, the evolution of discerning mindsets through monitoring and study, knowledge-building fellowships and project-based teaching. The" HRM Museum Studies Partnership for Learning" focuses on personnel as well as personal education and provides a link between teacher and pupil with museum experts, artist, academics and history to a museum/school association in order to build capacities and ensure sustainable work.

The partnership will establish links between linguistic skills in both languages and provide a concrete method to link the fine art and the performing arts with the English-speaking world, as well as linguistic, scientific, mathematical and social sciences, through classes and workshop sessions at schools and museums and the final students' show. Represents the museum for the partner school's work, meeting, public relations, etc.

Training, expertise and skills: Master's in museum pedagogy, museum sciences, history of fine art, museum sciences, pedagogy or related areas of an affiliated institute and at least five (5) years' professional practice in museum pedagogy, management of fine artworks, class-room studies or related areas within the museum or educational area; or Bachelor's in history of fine artworks, museum studies, pedagogy, fine artwork or related areas of an affiliated institute and eight (8) years' professional experi ince in museum pedagogy, management of fine artworks, classrooms or related areas within the museum or educational area.

Preference given to NYS certification. Proven track record in toddler (Pre-K to Grade 2) education of all skills, with extensive knowledge of varied learning outcomes. It offers competitively-priced remuneration and substantial discounts and privileges for all entitled employees: Insert "HRM Museum Educator" in the reference line.

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