Hudson River Hospital

The Hudson River Hospital

In the interior of the abandoned Hudson River State Hospital in Poughkeepsie. Hudson River State Hospital, outside Poughkeepsie, was once a New York State mental hospital. Part of the hospital's former therapeutic approach was the involvement of some of the country's finest architecture, such as Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, the pair that built Central Park and the site.

Recently we visited the hospital to investigate and record the condition of the hospital. There are at least 15 different hospitals with several patient wing, a criminal lunatic asylum, a state-of-the-art recreational centre, a mortuary, a power station, a band, theatres and its own railway line. Clarence O. Cheney is a 10-storey structural engineering edifice, which accommodated several clients, health exam rooms and doctors' surgeries.

It was opened in 1952 and has the name of the head of the psychiatry centre. The majority of medicinal devices were abandoned and damaged by vandalism or years of accumulation of powder. Entry into the house is hard, with strengthened lattice walls and door frames.

There were also many different institutions in the mental health centre such as the above lying band (the presbytery, with a Romanesque cathedral also on the property), a recreational centre and theatre. Inside the above theatre was converted into a temporary storeroom for old, dilapidated medicine bedding and equipmen.

Herman B. Snow Rehabilitation Center was a state-of-the-art cement and glas construction that opened in 1971 and included an underground indoor swimming-pool, two bowl courts, a basket ball field, an audience hall, shower rooms and a small cafe. The majority of the house is illuminated only with ambient lighting through large window frames. It is in quite good structural shape, except for burnt window frames, shattered grain and swollen floor.

Over the years, the swimming pools have been flooded with rainwater and are a deep, black colour in which medicinal devices are immersed. The Kirkbride also has patients whose blades were severely injured and instable by a major fire in May 2007. Kirkbride's devastated, burned down patients' wing now looks like a battlefield, and the event has put remediation projects at risk.

After all, Ryon Hall is a half-sized facility where the criminal maniacs were located. The rooms were small with a latticed door and large metallic windows. There was also a small area for children's care. Join us on a trip through deserted Bannerman Castle on the Hudson River!

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