Hudson River Historic Sites

Historical Sites of Hudson River

Known historically as Hyde Park, the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site is one of the oldest Hudson River settlements in the area. Have a look at the Oral History Collection: The Vanderbilt Gardens at the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site in Hyde Park. Registered as a National Historic Site, the house hosts numerous exhibitions, lectures on the Hudson River School and other programs. Lieu historique national Thomas ColeCatskill, NY.

Historical Sites

Situated between Hyde Park and Hudson City, the lands are linked not only by the river but also by the Livingston family's exceptional presence. From 1730 onwards, members of this group built a number of manors on the eastern shore of the Hudson. Marriage between different parts of the familiy increased the feeling of being deeply ingrained.

Clermont, Wilderstein and Montgomery Place are just a few of the Livingston houses that have lived on into the present day: the Mills and Vanderbilt build large villas created by architects McKim, Mead and White at the peak of gilding. There is great interest among the general population in preserving Hudson's great assets and hopes that these emblems of our nation's legacy will be preserved for the benefit and formation of coming generation.

An important move to fulfill this aspiration was made when Mid-Hudson Valley was recognised as a National Historic Landmark by the US Department of the Interior in 1990.

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Scotland's Hudson River fort was constructed in the early 1900s by Frank Bannerman, VI. to stockpile excess troops. This 380-hectare property overlooks the Hudson River and is a National Historic landmark surrounded by lawn, woods and orchards against the Catskill Mountain peak. Historical stonehouse, build around 1765, before the American Revolution.

Seat der Dutchess Country Historical Society. Tue. and Thu, 12-17 h; Franklin Butts Research Library of approx. Historic Archive of Municipality information, weekly programmes; Centre housed in a former Quaker Meeting House constructed in 1777..... Val-Kill, the only national historic site devoted to a First lady of the United States, was home to Eleanor Roosevelt from 1945-1962.

Including ER Memory Gardens, terrain and footpaths. A national register of historical sites. "of President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1880-1945." Contains tombs, rosary, terrain and footpaths. Watch new, thrilling exhibitions in the Roosevelt Presidential History from the Great Depression to the New Deal years to the Second World War, with Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelts.....

Irondale's historic school building (ca. 1850s) is open for the summer season. This renovated school is in Millerton, at the top of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. The oldest Rhinebeck mansion recounts the history of General Richard Montgomery and his spouse Janet Livingston.....

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