Hudson River Greenway Running

Run Hudson River Greenway

Highline or Hudson River Greenway. NYC on six great running tracks is a run-of-the-mill town. There are three picturesque trails around streams and viaducts, with simple and tough varieties for everyone. At the end of spring and early autumn, the running condition is excellent. You' re in the Central Park cycle, but you're looking for a taste of the area.

One way or the other, westward. Hudson River Greenway is popular with hikers, cross-country skiers, bikers and everyone else. Although the afternoon along the Hudson is rather overcrowded, this itinerary is the ideal one due to its ease of accessibility and close vicinity to some of the best attractions in the town. From the Bronx down to Battery Park, the trail is easily accessed from almost anywhere.

Length: 8. 89 mile ("normal") or 2. 94 mile ("short"). In a nutshell: The out-and-back character of this itinerary is very versatile. The Statue of Liberty, Chelsea Piers, USS Intrepid, the George Washington Bridge are to be mentioned from bottom to top. At the top of Central Park, cross the RFK bridge to Randall's Island and back to Queens.

Length: 16. 07 mile ("normal") or 5. 26 mile ("short"). In a nutshell: Skip Queens. Cross across the 125th St. Bridge and walk along the western side of Randall's Island. Cross Ward's Island Bridge and continue along FDR to 100th Street for five mile. View of Manhattan, Hell's Gate Bridge, Astoria, Queensboro Bridge.

Dear jumping on the isle? Among the footbridges you will be crossing are The 59th St. Bridge, Pulaski Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and last but not least the Brooklyn Bridge. Length: 16. 68 mile ("normal") or 3. and a 37-mile distance. Make it short: Run two jumpers instead: Begin at Borough Hall and drive directly over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cross the Manhattan Bridge and return to the point of departure.

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