Hudson River front Property

Hüdson River Front Lot

Hudson River façade houses are one of the most sought-after types of property. There are lakes, ponds and other smaller houses along the river. Adrondack Lakefront Houses & Land for sale. The Hudson River Land for sale! Right on the banks of the Hudson River near Chelsea Yacht Club.

Chalet with 3 BR, 2 BR Waterfront home, 7 beds, private dock: Situated near New Paltz, Rhinbeck

2 BEDROOMED 3 DOUBLE 2 bedroomed 3 double home on privately owned property in the Catskills/Hudson River Valley region! On the first level there is one double room and on the second level there are two double rooms, one with king-size beds and one with three twin beds. Situated on the waterside, this welcoming property has a 1600 sq. m. house with a fully fitted full sized galley, sundeck, 3 double rooms, 2 baths and 7 beds.

We are located on a hectare of land, ideal for relaxation, outside activity and entertainmen. It has a barbecue terrace and a sun-filled, closed veranda overlooking the sea. Recreation and views or aquatic sports such as angling, kayak or kayak outside the marina.

Esopus Creek is just a few paces from the front doors. There' s a handicapped accessible platform from the entrance to the first level. There is no dock for boats in the property. Every city has its own fashionable cafés, stores, restaurants as well as tourist and bicycle paths, and is located near the Hudson River, light houses, vineyards, ski, hiking, snowtubing and in a remarkable historic area.

The Hudson River Park, Hudson River Park, Ashokan Reservoir, Walkway over the Hudson, Overlook Mountain, Falling River Reserve, Lake Minnewaska, Mohawk Mountain Reserve, Black Creek, Wineries: No caretakers are hired to help us keep the property tidy or to help us with our work. It' near rides like Halloween events like Halloween parties and parties, weddings, Kingston, but also at the water.

Situated on the water, this property is a holiday in itself, yet near many cities that have their own distinctive dining and activity facilities. Promenade .... Bathroom: bedroom: We had three rooms and two full baths, a shielded veranda and a full lounge to sit back and soak up. A great area for walking and cycling in the Catskill Mountains or the Hudson River Valley!

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