Hudson Restaurant Week

The Hudson Restaurant Week

It is the last week of January, which means that these are your last days to enjoy the Restaurant Week and the Bacon Festival. Excited to share the list of participating restaurants with you. Hudson Restaurant Week is easy. The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back. View all participating restaurants on hudsonrw.


The Hudson Restaurant Week: Forecast of the best food offers

It' a good opportunity for one of the best offers of the season: The Hudson Restaurant Week. Twice a year - in January and July - Hudson Restaurant Week members serve three-course lunch and dinner for $40 and less. Included in the ranking are Fort Lee, Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Bayonne and Kearny. The total number of attending hotels and bars has risen from about 20 at the beginning of the show to almost 50.

Hopefully your pictures will help you make a choice. And as it turns out, your own pictures can also help you. If you use the Hudson Restaurant Week Hashday - #hudsonrw - you will be included in a give away automatically: Every evening the Hudson Restaurant Week will pay the bill for a happy dinner.

This is a serious business proposition.

The Hudson Restaurant Week {2018} Spot you *must* try

Prepare your appetite - it is Hudson Restaurant Week 2018 {pity if this is a joke for you Whole30-ers}. The annual edition takes place from 22 January to 2 February, so there are still a few nights to savour the best meals, even if you do a cleaning in January.

At Hudson Restaurant Week {err, two weeks} you can try exquisite meals and 2+ course at a small surcharge. Ensure your bookings are made as everyone in the city will fill places in over 40+ of the restaurants taking part {including six new places to checkout}.

However, if you are not sure where to go first, we have nine places to eat at Hudson Restaurant Week 2018, whatever your situation: One of Hoboken's most beautiful places in the city for a picturesque and cosy dinner, Amanda's certainly serves delicious platters.

You will not rue from a steak tartar to half Maine lobsters and sorted Sorbet to enter one of Hoboken's most sought after places. $40 for the supper pro. Out of Hoboken and Jersey City, drive to Edgewater's Haven for a river-viewer. Prepare your taste buds for a taste experience with first-class meals such as Prezel Crusted Fried Calamari, Pan Roasted Mahi Mahi and a classical New York Cheesecake.

Bring the whole familiy out of the home for a tasty but easy and savoury lunch at Hamilton Pork in Jersey City. Serve meat (from the drawn hen to the stomach of lamb), convenience foods and deserts, is a public favourite for the choosy eater. Only $20 for lunch and $38 for supper.

A newcomer to Union Hall, this US restaurant has proved its taste since it opened this year. Lunches are available for only $15 or dinners for $29 from Monday to Friday. One of the newest hotspots in Jersey City, the remainder of the meal will not be disappointing either.

Supper is $30 a week. As well as delicious dishes like Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings and Chopped BBQ Brisket Sandwich, this enchanting restaurant serves a variety of delicious drinks with your meals {including Winter Tea Rum Punch} and a barrel of pictures in your front room, which is 150% Insta-worthy regardless of the season.

Food will cost $40. The Piggyback Bar is your place if you want an A-Lister adventure {more about a team HG trip here}. Whilst it is a newcomer to Jersey City, the cook behind the meal is not - Leah Cohen of Pig & Khao - who has designed another astonishing delicacy.

$18 for lunch and $28 for supper. More information here. Liberty House is one of the best panoramic dining places, and is also the head behind some delicious cuisine. Choose something different with Guinness Glazed Chicken Lollipops or try the Seared Atlantic Salmon for supper. $20 for lunch and $40 for supper.

When you want to have a group of staff on a luncheon with you, Light Horse Tavern is for you. This restaurant serves everything from chilled oysters and chives fettuccini to roasted duck breast. It' $38 to eat. So many meals to try, so little food to try.

Here is the complete restaurant schedule for this week. Otherwise you can grab them at the grating as if it were their business to try out the best places to dine and dine and redeem themselves later in the spinning school.

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