Hudson Restaurant Santa Monica

Restaurant Santa Monica

Would you like to visit Rudy and Hudson California Diner in Santa Monica? This is Rudy & Hudson California Diner. That'?s the rescue of the Bell Tribute Restaurant. Find out why you can order the delivery of Rudy and Hudson California Diner in Santa Monica immediately online!

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California Diner - Santa Monica

This is Rudy & Hudson California Doiner. It is a precious all-day dinner that is now open in, yes, a part of Santa Monica's Best Western. Like already stated, Joe Miller of Venice's deceased Joe's is his celebrity, and this is his slide show. It has the classical lunch sonette look, only with seductive dark tiles, Punkrock baths and a giant popular style screen with colourful airbrush labi.

This is a great place to take the whole room with your breakfast cafe. They can have pork enriched puff pastries or chila quiles at 8 pm. And, as already mentioned, it's a dinner. Breast is cured indoors.

Guesthouse The Hudson - Your Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant

We serve the fresest seasonal produce in a classical, cold area. You can choose from a wide range of constantly varying micro broths and your classical favourites. With fifty feet of dramatic bottom-lit tree sprouting through the central dinning room and raised stands, deep brown colored woods and fabrics give the feeling of a banker's pub before prohibition in Chicago.

"The new dinner opens in mid-March. This is Rudy & Hudson by Joe Miller from Venice. Bring good meals with us."

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