Hudson Partners group

The Hudson Partners Group

The nine employees of Hudson Partners work as a team on every assignment. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hudson Partners Group LLC. The Hudson Investment Group company research & ; investing information.


Having observed striking apartment deficiencies in their home town of Rockland County, New York, USA, Jason and Andy knew they could help create better living standards for those homes in need of good value and affordability. It was Jason and Andy who came together to create an organisation that would have a sustainable influence on their people. SOLUTIONORIED ORGANISATION solutionoried organisation would increase the vibrancy of the objects and municipalities they work for.

Over the years, the company's uniquely strong background, persistence and task-oriented approaches have expanded its international network to 3,300 entities.

Acting through constructive engagement and working together to drive changes through operating improvement and strategy deals to create alfa for our shareholders.

Acting through constructive engagement and working together to push forward changes through operating improvement and strategy deals to create alfa for our shareholders. Founder and Managing Partner, Douglas Braunstein has more than 30 years of transaction expertise and heads an experienced management teams of realizable opportunity identification and direct collaboration with fund management firms to increase value and return on investments.

Within what we believe is a uniquely structured group of more than 35 of the fund's existing and former chief executive officers can support the fund's investing teams (subject to conflict and regulatory compliance) at all phases of the development cycle, from the identification of investments opportunity to the execution of our operating and strategy agendas with the fund's businesses.

With a new investment by activists paradigm, the company's commitment to a collaboration based framework is focused on the stock corporation community, taking full benefit of the changes in US corporative government and an ever more proactive institution. It strives to maintain and promote stakeholder value in a co-operative way by formal renouncement of the right to engage in enemy campaigns and official press work.

Jubilee year

Further trademarks in the new retailer bundle are Hudson, the company's globally acclaimed leisure and comfort label, LaGuardia Dufry and Dufry Free, which offers customers an outstanding range of labels and product in all duty-free and duty-pay ranges, and M?A?C, the world's premier make-up agency. The 3M²foot Terminal will have 35 gateways, 25 shops and restaurants as well as two footbridges linking the major part of the terminals with two islands.

HUEDSON: HUEDSON huedson: huedson is the biggest consumer demand and comfort label in the country, developed with great easiness for the client. Subdivided into four main sections and color-coded to facilitate browsing, Hüdson offers the style shopper of today. Influenced by the legendary trademark Hudsson News, the offer ranges from travelling and convenient articles, tasty regional gifts and electronic items to tasty sweets and drinks, textbooks and journals.

La Guardia Dufry Duty Free: Fão Black: The FAO Schwarz label stands for excellence and innovative design, and offers an unprecedented range of exceptional products that will enchant and delight the generation and keep a faithful customer base. FAO Schwarz has been in business for over one hundred and fifty years and will provide the LGA visitors with unique adventures.

M?A?C: A cosmetic label that has developed into the world's premier make-up expert.

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