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Park Hudson Nyc

A luxurious apartment building in Yonkers, Hudson Park is just minutes from Manhattan. Locate your place in Hudson Park. Hudson Park offers weekly programs for children. The Hudson Park and Boulevard is the heart of a new neighborhood on the western side of Midtown Manhattan. Hudson Yards' Public Square is home to three of New York's dynamic parks.

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The Hudson Park and Blvd is a green and avenue in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan in New York City, being constructed as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project..... When completed, the avenue will be in the middle of the park. The building will take place in two stages; the first stage, which lies between 33nd and thirty-sixth streets, was underway from 2012 to August 2015.

During the 1930' s there was a historic suggestion to construct a road in the center of the bloc between 9th and 9th Avenue, which runs from 34-th to 42nd Streets at about the same location as today's Hudson Boulevard. One of the Park's commercial enhancement districts, established in early 2014[12], is run by Robert J. Benfatto Jr. of Manhattan Community Board 4.

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