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From Hudson Ny to Rhinebeck Ny

""A new look at Poughkeepsie, thanks to Hudson Valley Food Tours! Miles and miles between Hudson and Rhinebeck. Route and directions from Hudson, New York to Rhinebeck, New York. A modern American restaurant in Rhinebeck, NY, served in a restored Dutch townhouse. Rheinebeck, NY in beautiful Hudson Valley is a picturesque village & cultural center of Dutchess County with boutiques, theaters, galleries & amazing Rhinebeck.

Accommodation in Hudson Valley - Rhinebeck Forest

Though you may be paying a little more, try to remain in Rhinebeck. It' a picturesque city with a lot of personality and facilities and your visit there will soften your skiing and give you plenty of relaxation. It is a beautiful, historical edifice. They both have the same owners and are located in the city.

Rheinebeck has marvellous stores for strolling (but at the earliest at 6 pm) and good outings. This Thai as well as some of the best in India. You' ll see Shelter after lunch. If you are interested in day to day activity, visit the F.D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in the nearby Hyde Park and Val Kill, Eleanor's house, or the Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

You have a nice trip.

Range between Hudson, NY and Rhinebeck, NY

From Hudson to Rhinebeck it is 22.97 leagues to the south-west and 26 leagues (41.84 kilometres) by road on the US-9 itinerary. The Hudson and Rhinebeck are 34 min away if you go non-stop. It is the quickest way from Hudson, NY to Rhinebeck, NY. Half the way is Livingston, NY.

Hudson, NY and Rhinebeck, NY are in the same timezone (EDT). The current about both places is 15:44. Allow other travelers to ask questions or ask questions about the Hudson, NY to Rhinebeck, NY route: An MPG of 1.21 gallon will require 1.21 gallon of throttle to travel between Hudson, NY and Rhinebeck, NY.

Approximate costs of natural gas from Hudson to Rhinebeck are $3.41. On the way, an ordinary vehicle releases 23.63 lbs of CO2 into the air. When you want to get together half way between Hudson, NY and Rhinebeck, NY or simply want to make a stop in the center of your journey, the precise co-ordinates of the half way of this itinerary are 42.100414 and -73.822495, or 42º 6' 1.4904" N, 73º 49' 20.982" W.

It is 13.03 mile from Hudson, NY and Rhinebeck, NY and it would take about 17 min to get to halfway from both. Nearest city is Livingston, NY, 9.07 mile from Hudson, NY and 17.15 mile from Rhinebeck, NY.

The drive from Hudson to Livingston takes 12 min and from Rhinebeck to Livingston 23 min. You have lodgings in Rhinebeck, NY? Do you plan to hire a vehicle from Hudson, NY to Rhinebeck, NY? There are some deals to hire a vehicle in or near Hudson, NY:

View the distances in mileage, kilometres and sea-mile between Hudson, NY and Rhinebeck, NY in this table:

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