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The Hudson Valley Mall real estate valuation is to be reduced by 90

CITY OF ULSTER, N.Y. >> The new occupant of the Hudson Valley Mall is likely to get most of the drastic feature appraisal downsizing she wants, the city warden said Wednesday. Quigley said the former owner's motion to reduce the valuation from $60 million to $40 million for the 2015 fiscal year and the Hull Group' motion to reduce to $8.1 million for 2016 appears to be backed by earlier legal rulings.

and Hull purchased the shopping center at 1300 Ulster Ave. { {\a6} (U.S. Route 9W) for $8.1 million this past January after the prior holder, PCK Development, turned out to nearly $50 million in debt related indebtedness on the property. The Liverpool, N.Y. registered office of PCK Development brought an appeal to reduce the valuation from $66 million to $40 million.

The Hull Property Group, Georgia, has applied for the $8.1 million valuation. City council is due to endorse the 2015 and 2016 evaluations when it convenes next weekend, the chief said. Qigley said in April that the city was planning to put $1.43 million from the city's capital equilibrium into a spare bankroll in order to include the taxes rebates it would have to be paying as a result of lower assessments. a...

Reimbursements would also have to be provided by Ulster County and the Kingston area. Holey-Quigley said the shopping center's estimate for 2016 could not fall to Hull's $8.1 million request. "There are compromises in the deal that give the city the chance to go forward," he said without working out, "one way is the deal to give the city of Ulster room for maneuver in the commodity to lift the rating of the shopping center in order to base on new leaseholders who are underwritten.

It was Quigley who noticed a suggestion by the Health Quest group to take over the free place of the former Macy's at the southern end of the shopping centre. J.C. Penney's former mooring at the western end of the shopping centre is also free, as are many smaller areas within the shopping centre.

Hull's John Mulherin, Hull's VP of Intergovernmental Affairs, refused to negotiate with Health Quest, but said that the signature of the group would increase the value of the real estate. "I think it would be a huge gain for the estate, and more crucially, it would be a huge gain for the Township if we could do that," Mulherin said.

The Hudson Valley Mall - a one-storey building opened in 1981 and extended in 1982, 1989 and the early 2000s - is currently home to Target, Sears, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods and a film division.

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