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The Hudson Ny Inns

"An Anytime retreat in the hamlet of Bangall, NY with a luxurious Scandinavian-inspired design. The HUDSON NY, well known successful inn in the coveted Allen Street, Hudson's Mansion series. This inn is a jewel in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson House is your escape from the everyday and the newest Hudson Valley's, Hudson River Front Bed and Breakfast.

Tiger House - 10 pictures & 17 reviews - Bed & Breakfast - 317 Allen St, Hudson, NY - Telephone number

In a few month we are waiting for a child and were looking forward to spend one of our last weekend without children in beautiful Hudson. I found an entry for the inn in Hudson and he was under a spell. Unfortunately, on Wednesday before our departures, as destiny would have it, I was ordered to sleep, so that we were obliged to postpone our reservait.

Once we were done with our doctor's appointments, my man phoned the Hudson guesthouse to inform them of the new one. That was noon on a Wednesday afternoons. Next day, Thursday, I phoned the tavern. Secondly, we have phoned and e-mailed several occasions outside the 72-hour period in which clients can receive a fractional reimbursement.

and no one was answering. "We' re shut from Monday to Wednesday," he said, as if that were a useful or appropriate statement. The first thing on the inn's website is that the restaurant is not open for half a month. This closing is also not listed on the inn's Facebook page.

When the guesthouse is open from Monday to Wednesday, it is not possible for anyone who has to book Fridays to do so within the 72-hour deadline of the guesthouse. Hearing him say this after he complained that they just can't pay for part repayments as small businesses, even if circumstance justifies it, was outrageous.

You seem to be doing good deals - so why not look with friendliness and sympathy at a expectant mother on BED REST who would have liked to visit the restaurant another day at least before this interview? Before we booked with the Hudson River in Hudson, we asked a Hudson travel agent for advice on where to stay in the area.

They said the Hudson tavern wasn't on their lists. Wish we had made the most of their beautiful memories instead of making the error of posting to this store. INSTITUTE, 2/18: The direction of the restaurant has turned the course around and finally refunded our sunken pitch. We really appreciate this. However, owners should still change their website to show their actual opening times and their reservations policies to customers BEFORE purchasing.

If there is no one on the telephone three times a day of the week, inform your customers that they should contact you by e-mail if they want a quick reply. It is also poor policy to burden visitors completely when making bookings, however.

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