Hudson Ny Getaway

The Hudson Ny Getaway

Ancient Rhinebeck Airport New Getaways Golf Casperkill Golf Club and some: Hudson, a popular weekend getaway from New York City, is a charming town on the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley Getaway" says nothing like a stay in a picturesque bed and breakfast or a historic inn. Create your own holiday ornament at Beacon's Hudson Beach Glass. Twilight Lodge is the ideal destination for your next mountain adventure or weekend trip!

Japanesese-style features affect Tsao & McKown's Hudson Valley getaway

Tsao & McKown's Upstate New York home was designed with traditional Japanean architecture in mind, using lightweight wooden structures to dispense with load-bearing structures and provide an open floor plan. Tsao & McKown, a Manhattan-based firm, took on the job of creating a holiday home for two longtime customers on a remote property in Pound Ridge, New York, after constructing two more houses for the pair and a women's clothing store.

The Pound Ridge Houses are arranged on one plane and form a lengthwise strip that extends from approximately eastward to westward. Comprising 2,900 sqm ('269 sqm), it contains a guesthouse annex just a few minutes' walk from the townhouse. In the whole building mainly timber is used as building materials.

"It is a flamboyant, sturdy wooden building, a rare feature which, in spite of its inherent beauties, also has the added benefit of not needing a wall to open the plan," says Tsao & McKown. "Handcrafted wooden structures have been mottled to reinforce the veining of the woods and to obscure its shades, to withdraw from sight as it offers wide views of the nearby garden and woods.

" A slightly inclined slope runs from the entry to the front door, which adjoins a flat, reflecting lake. There is a columnade framing the passage and leading the visitors to the door. On the right side, a relaxed sitting area with wings looks out over the reflecting lake at the entry and a surrounding verandah on the northern fa├žade.

"Tsao & McKown say, "Two large trapezoid fanlights pierce the shallow rooftop; their asymmetric forms optimise summer-light. From here, the occupants can also enter the porch through a series of glazed, slidable door. "The company said, "Glass panels glide away to open all parts of the building to the porches and patios, even an inside and outside bathroom.

Away from the dressing rooms that surround the doorway, the room opens into a spacious area with the bedroom in the middle. There is also a chimney that matches the one in the master bedroom. In addition, room-high glazed panels glide up and offer the owner a remote outside area with a view of a small canteen.

Besides the integration of furnishings and decoration that were part of the customer's own collections, the architect also created individual furnishings for the house. "Tsao & McKown has worked with manufacturers near their Brooklyn studios to design armchairs, banquets and couches that compliment the items in the collections, such as a George Nakashima table and Nanna Ditzel chairs," the study says.

The architect also created a couch as a massaging couch in the master suite. New York is a first-class area for many wealthy New Yorkers who build luxurious emergency exits to get out of the town.

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