Hudson Ny Commercial Real Estate

H Hudson Ny commercial real estate

Find the latest developments on the Hudson Valley Real Estate Blog. Comercial properties, commercial agents, industrial, office and investment properties. So if you are looking for a commercial rental in Columbia County, we know the market very well, let us help you find the perfect place. Discover commercial real estate in Hudson, NY. is a beautiful city on the Hudson River sixty miles north of Manhattan.

Comercial Columbia County

The Columbia County Commercial Real Estate is one of the most sought after sites in the word. The Columbia County Commercial Real Estate is situated in a predominantly rustic municipality with a rising inflow of second home property and pensioners. Bounded by Dutchess County to the South and Rennselaer County and Albany County to the N and Greene County and Ulster County to the W..

Columbia County's most bustling commercial centre is the city of Hudson, which has seen its real estate value rise in recent years. The main and second home is Columbia County. Officerak offers connections directly between Hudson and New York's Penn Station and Albany. Adjoining Dutchess County areas such as Ancram, Gallatin, Clermont and Germantown offer a countryside area near Metropolitan New York.

Chatham, Kinderhook and Stuyvesant offer simple accessibility to the Albany Capital region, which is most strongly located in Hudson and the Greenport area. Chatham, a former railway city 1s another trading centre like Kinderhook, Valatie and Hillsdale. about land surveys, leases, real estate lawyers, banking, mortgage. The latest news is posted on the Hudson Valley Real Estate Blog.

Click on the appropriate links to find by city or region. Our particular expertise lies in the sales and acquisitions of commercial properties in Columbia County. Go directly to the various listing system to get the most up to date and detailled information available in this special section Try the Columbia-Greene-Northern Dutchess MLS first.

Mid-Hudson and Ulster County MLS for areas in the south. If you' re going eastward, try Berkshire County MLS. Call 800-398-8802 for more information about Columbia County Commercial Property. Page 1 of 11. Copake Motel 12-17 units 6 aces. Holders will clear 3 hectares of forest for the extension.

Requires work but superbly located, as well as parking lot, on the bustling part of Route 9 between Red Hook and Hudson. The Stonykill Creek Property is an incredible commercial and living property. At 200 + hectares and 120,000 SF, several building, storage, industry and offices. Jewel of Hudson is on the best right cluster network gate to City Hall.

The building comprises a central building, 2 greenhouses and a 24 x 30 free standing parking area. Situated on Route 9H and Route 23 in Claverack. Commercial/Standard 2 Acres Barns. The 2-acre package is a great commercial option with an old base, old shed, well and treatment plant between Hudson and Red Hook on the major roads.

Commercial 4-acre Chatham 1600 SF Condominium. It is a great facility for a wide range of businesses. Situated on 4 acre of plot with a 1,600SF chalet that has a fully equipped cuisine, it is 1miles from Chatham Village and is a large open room with front on Route 295.

The Ancram Country Restaurant 7 Acres Pond. 37 Acres Industrial Facade. An excellent design site near Hudson, with city sewage, sewerage and methane. This is Germantown Commercial Launderette. The 650SF commercial property in the flourishing Village of Germantown, urban drainage, 2 wells, contains an established launderette.

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