Hudson Ny Attractions

The Hudson Ny Attractions

Find out why Salisbury Mills, NY and the Hudson Valley offer a wealth of attractions, restaurants, historic destinations and shops to discover. Activities near Hudson Valley include concerts, hiking, golf, skiing, wineries and farms. Hudson Interactive, New York Google map of attractions, including restaurants, shopping, theaters, entertainment, antiques, galleries and more. See best things todo + in Hastings-On-Hudson NY. Near Hastings-On-Hudson New York you will find attractions, maps and cool things for visitors.

Holiday Attractions & Activities near our Hudson Valley New York Inn

This area is full of activity, attraction and adventure! If you are looking for something for your holidays, whether you like to shop, have a lot of great time outdoors, enjoy the Hudson River or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the world. This is just a small selection of some of the thrilling things Hudson has to offer its visitors:

It is a wonderful course between Hudson River and Mount Mt. Storms King. For over half a centur y, the Stone King Art Center has been one of the most important statue gardens in the whole wide globe. Located on 500 hectares of farmland, rolling countryside and forests, cached by 2,100 hectares of Schunnemunk Mountains (now New York State property and Schunnemunk Mountains State Park), which retain the perspective of the New York City' s New Yorker' s iconic Stone King Art Center, the visitor is pampered with tens of renowned statues by the world's most renowned performers.

Stormking's saison is from April to November (depending on bad weather). Bus: Bus USA (Short Line Bus) provides two different daily departures to New York City from the Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd St. & 8th Ave. on the third floor) in the city. The New Jersey Transit/Metro North also provides services from Penn Stations to Salisbury Mills Railway Terminal, three mile cab ride from Stormking.

ANGROY ORGARD - for 20 years cider has been produced in our own orchards in Walden, NY, in the centre of the Hudson Valley. There' a lot of great places to eat in the Hudson Valley. There is a very comfortable ambience in this beloved souvenir shop with a magnificent Hudson River views.

The Vinum Cafe - Another favourite visitor is just 1.5m away on the historical grounds of the Brotherhood Winery. Just 4 nautical leagues away. Loughran's Ireland Pub - "The Hudson Valley's Happiest Ireland Pub" right next to us. Canterbury Brook Inn - Switzerland hits the Hudson Valley in Cornwall NY.

We' re constantly updating our Facebook page to include listings of places of interest and sights. Visit the Orange County Tourism website to find all kinds of intriguing facts about the area. Located in two Halls of Fame, Orange County houses two of the most prominent Hudson Valley mines. The biggest art museum in the whole wide range of sculptures.

The Orange County Boppers - An US success story. Orange County Chopper, now world-famous, was established in 1999. The Motorcyclepedia Museum - The museum's collections include well over 400 bikes, among them mountaineers, Harley's from all those years, army and law enforcement bikes, chopper, Japaneese bikes, UK bikes and bikes from past years from US-makers.

U.S. Military Academy at West Point - Great scenery "I Cherish a Parade......" Sport.... Fun... Firework... breathtaking view of the Hudson River. The Gomez Mill House - (17I4) the oldest living Jews residency in the USA - that's traditional, right here in Orange County. The Boscobel House and Gardens - A classical Parliament House with a magnificent view of the Hudson River Valley.

Washington's Headquarters - A member of the Caldwell familiy contributed to establishing this symbol as the first public historical site in the United States in 1850. Headquarters - and other historical places of the American Revolution. Werner House on Constitutional Island - Beautifully located in the Hudson River near West Point. The Roosevelt and Vanderbilt Estates - A nice ride in Hyde Park.

Location Grove the Samuel B. Morse Historic Site - An important artist next to an invention. From The Great Outdoors - just a reference to all the marvellous things to do in the lovely Hudson Valley: On the piste, in the countryside, on paths or on tracs, the adventures extend across our Hudson Valley.

Appalachian Trail. Orange Country has everything from two skiing areas to the first part of the Appalachian Trail. The Hudson for river cruises and kayaks, the Delaware for river cruises and canoes. For those who prefer pedalling or walking, there are quite a few beautiful walking paths around, suitable for all abilities, such as the Heritage Rail Trail, which runs over 11 cobbled mile through a magnificent landscape.

The Salisbury Mills/Cornwall Metro North stop is only 1 1/2 mile. Birdwatching - The Hudson Valley is home to a large number of protected areas belonging to and managed by the Orange County Audubon Society. There are many nice places in Orange County. Hudson Valley Trails - the most beloved section of the Appalachian Trail meanders through the Hudson Valley, the place where it was established in Orange County in 1924.

As this is a district of a district of Grünfläche, there are many possibilities to take the path or simply take a walk. Several of the nearby hiking paths include: The Schunemunk Mountain - Half a dozen signposted hiking paths from just over a ninety kilometer to almost 10 leagues. Crow' Nest Mountain - many stunning views over the Hudson River and the Highlands.

Catskills and the Hudson Valley from King State Park. The Black Forest - marked and unsignposted paths from walking to long walk. A former railway overpass that enhances the Hudson River's stunning scenery for walkers, runners, cyclists and disabled persons.

Over 200 ft. above the stream, over 1. The longest footbridge in the whole wide area. Riding - Arena and trail riding is located in Orange County, home of the world's oldest trotting course. It is a land of horses with picturesque mounds characterised by kilometre-long, rural fences.

Buoyancy - Hudson Valley pool, lake and beach are ample for you to cool down and practice your swimmings. The Bear Mountain State Parc - 4 times of the year full of pleasure. Fantastic scenery & 5000 hectares of footpaths. The Harriman State is the second biggest in the NYS parking system. Harriman State provides the opportunity for the visitor to observe a great diversity of game, photograph scenery, explore 200 mile walking paths, explore brooks and 31 ponds and dams.

The lakes Silvermine, Sebago, Welch and Tiorati as well as the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area belong to the special characteristics of the area. Canoeing, kayak, trekking and mountaineering in the area. Foliage Loop case - The Orange County landscape ofcenic. People from all over the globe come to see the Hudson Valley's stunning autumn colours.

On Columbus Day weekends here in Orange County, every street will lead to a rebellion of reds, oranges, coins and oranges. Historical houses and manors - Before the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers constructed their large villas in the Hudson Valley, the landlords lived in their own comforts.

The historical farmsteads of Flemish merchants, peasants and revolutionary nobles have bequeathed their own architectonic heritage, which the visitor can enjoy in the picturesque landscape of Orange County. Orange County Free Rides - Check out some of Orange County's great rides that are completely free. Stunning vistas. Enjoy the delicious, old-fashioned fruit tart from the finest fruit harvested in Orange County, where more than a thousand hectares of orchard grow more than 25 different types of fruit.

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