Hudson Memorial Hospital

The Hudson Memorial Hospital

The Columbia Memorial Health - Hospitals - 71 Prospect Ave, Hudson, NY - Contact number When I had made two trips to Northern Dutchess Hospital, I thought I would go to Columbia Memorial as a last resort. Well, I had to go to the Columbia Memorial. I' m informed that the blast on my foot was an arthritic in the North Dutch woman. and then sent home on an antibiotic. Dr Kogan was very kind, just like Dr Rami.

Doctors like Yuri Stippa do not insure themselves with some of the biggest insurers in the USA. Emergencies should be the last place you need to think about whether the physician who sees you will take out your policy. If you want to get killed, just let your paramedic drive to this nasty, unorganized hospital depot.

The Columbia Memorial is just a municipal garbage heap - everything for any rejected physician from other clinics, and those who have achieved the least results in medical schol. On a personal level, I knew two men who were killed after being "treated" in their dirty ER for relatively mild symptoms. "If I have to, take me anywhere but Columbia Memorial Hospital.

" I' m not even rated, but I think I'll be compelled to give 1 badge! Not to mention: "You know what, we're not but your PA policy..... I' m confined to a bill for $1,000 because I've insanely bet an $1,000 bill where I couldn't even type to get my name signed.

You only save NY People's Insurance & will never alert you before! The doctor treats me like I'm two years old, doesn't take any notice, pushes me to everything and everyone he can. And I had my daugher here and a chole. I met all the physicians and nursing staff who were very kind.

We had a beautiful birth room and the meal was amazing. Doctors in outpatient surgeries have a lot to be proud of. This was my first operation and the rooms were creepy. Fortunately, the pre-operative operating theatre and the operating theatre itself look new. Laboratory's in the hospital and I've never had to stay longer than 10 mins.

All in all, it's a beautiful hospital. It' a septic tank at a hospital. Don't be deceived by the recent painting; this garbage heap is a misbehaviour from door to door. Their" Hospitalisten" are subordinate physicians (among them a Quacksalberosteopath called Johnson ), who do not create it in the Privatpraxis and are undoubtedly not insurable. It never seems to be a waiting time, you are immediately brought in and see a hospital attendant and a physician with little time.

Last I had to await the test a little, but the overall quality of services was very high. Exceptionally high level of services for a small city hospital. This is the place to be if you need healthcare in Hudson.

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