Hudson Mall Movie Times

The Hudson Mall Movie Times

Take the whole family to this theatre, where children are welcomed with open arms. The Shattuck Cinemas at the South Hills Mall. It is our pleasure to present you our film programme.

Cinemas Hudson Mall Showtimes & Tickets

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Cinemas Hudson Valley Mall 12 1300 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 12401

I' ve been very disillusioned with this theatre many times. At times this movie theatre promoted 3-D films, but after I bought the entrance card and went in, I found that the film was NOT shown in 3-D in this theatre, and the crew failed to tell us that they were missing the viewer to show it in 3-D as announced.

It was ridiculously pricey and it was unpleasant to sit too long. This limousine was pricey and shallow... Employees did not give refunds for the evil poppcorn and sodas and the ticket for the 3-D film, which was not shown in 3-D. You wouldn't trade the corn for a new one.

Like city to tired playing period $20 for show summons and any bad poppcorn and beverage (at active $5 all) and get soaked on. It' a disappointment and inconvenience that the cinema does not provide an alternate choice of diets and low-sugar, low-fat snack foods for those of us who can't consume them ('for medicinal or dietary reasons').

You should have some toasted groundnuts or cashew, some Academy Award winning mom hogs and smaller poppers. A few of us can't have chocolate candies, biscuits, Nacho's, ices, buckets of groceries for medicinal use. I' m bringing my own snack, because the theatre doesn't provide any meals I can have. Film distribution is cheap, so are the treats, and I don't have to be in a muddle.

After they ruin the event, I don't see the point in going to the theatre. There are no seats in the stadiums. WITHOUT STAGE SEATS, NO STAGE SEATS. WORLD THEATRE! Nearly every weekly that a movie my father and I want to watch we go to the Regal Theatre in Kingston N.Y. These theatres, foyer and bathroom are very tidy (for N.Y. a tidy cinema is a shocker) It is in the Hudson Valley Mall with a normally large park.

We had a good time with the team. Congregation booth has great treats and never long airways. One of the most important factors in the costs of going to films these few era seems exaggerated, especially if you are in the prize of a sachet of applaud. In view of the number of cinemas and the shortage of cinemagoers, it would be a good concept to add more of them to the overall programme.

I have had a generally positive and relatively good personnel record. It is a mall theatre, with medium large picture publications, no "indies".

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