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Cinema Hudson Mall

Cinemas Hudson Mall, Jersey City, NJ. Drive to the Hudson Mall Cinemas in Jersey City and escape the world for a little bit with an unforgettable movie experience. The Hudson Mall Theatre Movie Times | Showtimes and Tickets | Jersey City

Printout your entrance card at home, cash it at the theatre. Here is what is part of every carefree ticketing purchase: The security of a warranted ticketing. You must make your reimbursement and exchanges before the show time indicated on your voucher.

You can find theatre performances, view trailer, view review and buy cinema ticket in advanced.

7 Hudson Mall Cinemas in Jersey City, NJ

The Hudson Plaza on 701 State Route 440, opened on 22 December 1967, had a large lobby and around 1,500 seating places in its large main lecture hall. The theater even had a large stairway in its function as a contemporary film house. Hudson Plaza's styling standard was quite high for the 1970s, and in many ways it seemed more like an old-style building than a contemporary multi-plex.

It will be run by Empire Cineplex Cinemas in 2015.

Broken tube turns off Hudson Mall cinema

The JERSEY COUNTY -- A well in Hamilton NP was destroyed on Sunday evening, causing displeasure and rage to those living in the neighbourhood and visiting the CO. Situated near Eighth Street and Jersey Avenue, the cast-iron spring was pushed over by local merchants and taken away by urban labourers on Monday mornings.

"We' re furious that this happened," said Elna Mukaida, bursar of the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association. and the vandal was told to the cops at 9:40 p.m. Sunday, Jersey Clown told Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione. Wallace-Scalcione added that the town now had to check whether the injured could be repaired or whether a new well head would have to be ordered.

Town hasn't estimated the costs of the work. "I' m hoping that we can get replacements for the defective sanitary parts," said Mukaida, although she is worried about how much the renovations could be. In 2010, the quaint four-square building complex was extended with a new play area, enclosed dogs tracks, tenis court, basket ball fields, a sprayground and a communal area.

Hamilton Park's new neighbor, Gisela Vega, said she has become one of her favourites in the town because of the wide range of available activity. "It is a sacrifice of its own success," Mukaida said about the gardens, realizing that many use it. It'?s not clear who destroyed the well.

"We' re sorry it's broken," said Erika Meyer-Bonanomi, a native, about the well. The other inhabitant of the neighbourhood, Maida Andress, shared this opinion.

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