Hudson Lighting pendant

Hudson Lighting Pendant

Massana deals with industrial lighting. We have a lot about Hudson Valley lighting pinkwell polished nickel pendant luminaire from Hudson Valley Lighting? By anchoring the curved metal umbrella to the hanging chain, Viceroy's detailed pedestal holder suggests the nautical inspiration of the pendant. Search the largest selection of Hudson Valley Lighting Pendant Lighting Downlight pendant luminaires and choose a new look for your home. Search the largest selection of Hudson Valley Lighting pendant luminaires and choose a new look for your home.

SIZE 4620

26.50" - 80.50" 7.00" Massena deals with industry lighting. It contrasts the sleek cupola of the metallic tone with the powerful detail of the cuff. The cut-outs throw the lights upwards and show a flawless china frame. The interior of Massena is completely kept in brilliant whiteness to reinforce the luminaire, while an engraved diffusor, fixed with diamond-studded screws, protects the shadow and eye from dazzle.


It all starts with our early outlet brackets, which we mould to industry standard. This Edison-like charcoal thread lamp, which is part of the scope of supply, is in itself already appealing, just as if it is combined with one of the different colour variants. Select either a fabric-covered rope hanger or a metallic shaft fixed to a flathood.

Optionally, protection devices for wired bulbs underline the industry's properties; they can be applied with or without the associated metallic colour.

Whole Hudson Valley Lighting Lighting Pendant Isl Valley Lighting Pendant Lighting Pendant Valley Hudson Valley Lighting Contacts

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