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Co-founder and CEO of Hudson Jeans, one of the hottest premium denim brands in the country. And I didn't even know they were jeans stamps. Remember Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson or Teri Hatcher. Com from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. http://en.

wikipedia . " David Yurman Jewelry, comme votre paire de Blue Jeans la plus chère".

He made Hudson jeans according to his own picture, and clients fall in passion for his work.

In the 1940s or 1950s, Peter Kim insisted that he not get up one day with regret about the route of his choosing. Expectations of his wife and daughter were that he would become a physician, attorney or engineering graduate, but that simply did not match what Kim wanted to do with his own world.

When she was a kid, she painted the picture of a rebel kid who just wanted to be hard. Hudson Jeans is one of these focal points. In 2002 Kim established the 140-strong workforce and made it the world market leading manufacturer of top-quality denims. During 2013, Joe's Jeans Inc. purchased the corporation for $65.4 million in US dollars in exchangeable bonds and $27.5 million in trade.

So Hudson became a 100% daughter of Joe's Jeans, and new opportunities quickly opened up.

CEO Peter Kim models his own Hudson Jeans logo and logo.

Co-founder and CEO of Hudson Jeans, one of the country's hotest brand of top-of-the-range derim. The Hudson brand is known for its Union Jack brand, the high label prize and the promotional campaigns with Mick Jagger's subsidiary. Selling jeans in selected fashion and high-end shops around the globe, the brand was reported to have achieved more than $50 million in revenue last year.

Kim has made Hudson jeans a coveted object and has convinced a number of prominent people, among them Angelina Jolie, the football celebrity David Beckham and the German comedian Jude Law. Mr. Becker has an internal sales force and uses a PR firm to make a splash on the web. Hudson Facebook page contains pictures of Renee Zellweger "rockin' a pair" by Hudson Jeans.

"As we become a chill-branded place, it becomes easy for them to buy and wear," Kim said. Founded in 2002, the firm now employs 90 staff and is based in the City of Commerce, just south of Los Angeles city center. In the past year, Paul Fireman, former Reebok International CEO, was part of a $30 million majority stake in Hudson as part of a privately held investment group.

Kim, 39, is a Los Angeles-born man who studied economics at USC. Started early in the world of fashions, worked for his parents' apparel firm in colleges before bringing several of his own apparel collections to market. In his last year of studies in 1994, Kim was asked to work in the bankrupt clothes store of the nearby owner's outfit.

After all, Kim spends several years saving the world. It re-negotiated the debts with the debtors, contributed to redesigning the corporate clothing for the ladies and brought the enterprise back into the profit zone. Kim went into ramifications on his own in 2000 and launched the Jane's Army jeans label. After one year, the enterprise collapsed.

In 2002 Kim re-tested the Hudson Jeans and launched the Hudson Jeans. Importing high quality jeans from Italy, he had the jeans sliced, sewed, laundered and refined in Los Angeles instead of Thailand, where Jane's Army was made. "In order to build a label, it must begin inside.

This is a mark the whole enterprise must believe in and want to do it with all its hearts. The best choice I made was not to give up the whole enterprise. "The face of Hudson Jeans: Hudson Georgia May Jagger, a subsidiary of rock star Mick Jagger and fashion designer Jerry Hall, was awarded a modelling agreement in 2009.

Clothed in tight-fitting Hudsons - and little more - the rocker's subsidiary has been featured in worldwide clothing journals and was voted British Mode Awards Best Woman of the Year.

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