Hudson Hotel new York Restaurant

Hotel Hudson New York Restaurant

TripAdvisor for restaurants near Hudson Hotel New York, New York City: Hudson Hotel restaurants; menus, photos, reviews for restaurants near Hudson Hotel. We' ve already been told that the restaurant in the hotel is very expensive. " Umami could work better than a separate restaurant." was born in the innovative, luxurious New York boutique hotel.

New York Bar & Nightlife | Hudson Hotel

umamiburger now open....Located at the hudson hotel, you' ll find umami burger's flag ship venue at the big apple. Iconical Hudson Commonspace was re-invented in a brilliant way for the start of Umami's flag ship site. Bringing a singular premonition to Hudson Commons, Umami maintains Phillipe Starck's pristine, audacious traits while enhancing the cuisines.

In addition to its sugary, acidic, salty und bitterness, Umami makes the meal desirable and delectable. Umami's first breakfasts, typical drinks, a full cocktail at Hudson, a full cocktail lounge and cool house ice-cream buffets.

Renovations Lobby Bar & Restaurant - Review Hudson Hotel New York, New York City, NY

When we booked the Hudson, we realized that their website informed their guests about the renovation (not at the moment of booking), so I e-mailed the hotel directly, just like ours. Hudson employees reacted quickly and friendly and reassured us that nothing would disturb our sojourn. The arrival in the hotel was great pleasure - the escalator is chic, as is the imposing entrance area.

It' s a disgrace that there were no updates (we tried!), the rooms are small (but how much in there will you really be??!!), and the pane of pane of glass from room to room is a little obtrusive - it might be worthwhile for the hotel to try and I... identifying who is in the rooms before arriving - pairs or others - so they can assign the rooms a little more delicately with this function.

As we realized that we could not make our reservations in a restaurant on the evening of 29 June, he quickly refused us and said that there would be a refreshment bar in the conference area of the hotel so that we did not have to go outside and be Sandy courageous.

I also had a free recording for my birthdays - thank you! We walked to Times Sq, Central Park, Fifth Ave etc. and a choice of great dinners for nearby breakfasts - we especially loved Flames - the personnel was excellent and so kind and the breakfasts were tremendous!

Hudson kept us informed about Hurricane Sandy, with messages under our door when it was necessary, and all the employees always had a smile on their faces, although they probably couldn't even come home because of the transportation cutbacks. You knew even before we arrived that it was a great event - no appreciation.

Being Front of House Managers in a luxurious British hotel, we are writing tickets for everyone we know is having a party, and sometimes we even include free wines and chocolate in their rooms before they arrive. It was the only gunshot at the barman's office that was only served after the barman noticed that we were celebing.

This is not a problem either, but perhaps the personnel in front of the building could set some particular accents to make the festivities really shine! We had a great Hudson and I' m sure we would definitely return..... Thank you Hudson!

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