Hudson Hotel new York Pool

The Hudson Hotel New York Pool

Watson Hotel (New York City). Billiard table in the middle, few chairs to relax and hang out. The Mabel L. Hotels with pools in Hudson NY. Watson Hotel (New York City).

Hudson Gym has everything you need to stay in shape when travelling.

Caution at Hudson Hotel Central Park - Review of Hudson Hotel New York, New York City, NY

It was a sombre hotel, the front door was very darkness with little/no normal lighting, our room was small, the bathrooms even smaller and quite darkness even when the lighting was switched on. Though it was a relatively inexpensive hotel for NY, we thought it had a bad price-performance ratio. We are constantly upgrading various areas of the hotel for our clients, and we look forward to welcoming you in the nearhood.

Concerned about our sojourn - Review Hudson Hotel New York, New York City, NY

Somehow the bathroom had a large windows looking into the master suite. One of the only disadvantages of the room was that the heater was directly behind the mattress, which means that it was in the noisiest place it could be. The possibility of disrupting our sleeping and for some strange reasons we had trouble keeping the room temperature constant, which means that the device kept turning on and off.

At all the partys they were hosting, there was very little room for the real customers, and when they came in, all the desks were reserved, so there was no room to seat.

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Hüdson Hotel - Review of Hudson Hotel New York, New York City

I have been quite disturbed by other comments on this page about my sojourn in this hotel. I' m not sure if my opinions were influenced by my rather low aspirations, but I had a very pleasant time. It is well located, just a stone's throw from Columbus Circle and the point where the city centre merges with the top western side.

It is an appealing complex, from the en-suite gardens on the front level to the fifteenth level Sky Terrace, with a number of other well-equipped pubs and dining areas. Although the rooms are small, the town' s centrally located offers both large rooms and contemporary amenities. All I can see is why the pretty dark light that made the hotel look a little like Vegas made other critics think that all I can say is that I found it really appealing.

It was an outstanding option for someone who remains alone.

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