Hudson Hotel new York Contact

HUJSON Hotel New York Contact

In the Internet /. Search for postcode for hotels near New York New York. Look what your friends are saying about the Hudson Hotel. Midtown New York City Hotel in a central location. Next generation of Hotel Hudson is stylish, democratic, young at heart and absolutely cool.

The Hudson Hotel

There is also a south-facing windows in the toilet so you can see right through to whoever is in it! They had a small cupboard with coat hanger and then there was what I would call a "stable" in the master suite with a safety deposit box, a drawers and shelving for objects and folding clothes. There was a small writing table with a light and a beautiful furniture with the TV, which was placed in the rear view mirrors but could be pulled out to look in it.

A small en-suite bath room makes good use of the area. Lovely kitchen sinks with a few toiletry racks on the walls and a working hairdryer. but I think it will help her look taller. A transparent drapery is located between the bedrooms and the showers, scattering the candlelight.

I' ve found enough sockets to connect my lighter, nebuliser and charging device without having to grab behind the pieces of wood two by the bedside, two in the bath and one in the small atrium. At mealtimes there were a lot of possibilities between the hotel and the different restaurants in the area.

From Starbucks down the hill and a little further you have Columbus Circle, the underground and Central Park. I' ve put 2 pails of icecream in my washbasin to keep the beverages cool (not a coffeepot, but I could have an Iced Cafe before I ventured out into the world).

And I took off a badge for the room sizedness. and would have stuck his knee in the walls on that dresser. You' ll need a little more space in the bedroom. This is the dirtiest hotel I've ever been to. I loved this hotel for several reasons: - First the ideal location: 200m from the Zentralpark and the subway, a few streets from the Zeitplatz, the summit or the cliff.... much can be discovered... on foot.

  • There is a small but very sufficient room for 2 persons (we are not in New York to spend the day in the hotel!), a good bed and a bathroom with shower and bathtub. I forgot: the plumbing is sometimes a little noisy -)..... but it's a big building. It is a good and cheap restaurant: very good hamburger!!!!!
  • This is a complete service: cash withdrawals, free luggage storage (very practical if you want to enjoy your last day to the end), catering of course..... but there were also other ticketing and more.... until the room is finished.

In the end, they said they'd give us $50 in reimbursement for in-store use. I' ve purchased items from Amazon that have been shipped, but the hotel hasn't let us through. It is a very lively hotel with a very good refreshment area. It' near metro stops and near broadway and Cnp.

Your hosts at The Hudson will be 20 and 25 de abil de 2008. ¿Quando Çegamos às 20h á la quarter á la neighbourhood á la séjour. Our motto is to make your dreams come true, or to give you the category to make your dreams come true. Or to make them come true. A resolvemo is to make your dreams come true, to make them come true, to make them come true.

There is no definitive disclaimer about US$ 50 for consumption no hotel. Combine your products with Amazon que fortam unregulated, ma o hotel na nos repo. Procurement takes place after receipt and not after receipt, i.e. not after receipt. Oh Hotel em si é bem movimentado, posssuium uma landchonete uma um cash muito coupons.

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