Hudson Hotel Columbus Circle

The Hudson Hotel Columbus Circle

The hotel is located near Central Park, Columbus Circle/Underground Station. Ian Schrager's dedicated lifestyle hotel that first brought the then sleepy Columbus Circle to life and still flickers. The hotel is located in a fabulous location in the area of Columbus Circle near Central Park. Explore some of the best hotels in Manhattan in the Columbus Circle area. Hudson Hotel is a tough place - it is within walking distance of Central Park, the Time Warner Ce.

The Hudson Hotel

The Hudson Hotel in Manhattan, New York City is classy, urbane and full of energy with incalculable architectural design, close to Central Park, Columbus Circle and the theater quarter. Each and every part of this hotel, from the entry via an elevator in a shining crystal tube to the foyer with glas ceiling and brickwork wall, is part of Philippe Starck's innovation concept.

Rooms and suite of the hotel are equipped with exclusive material, design fixtures and Makore wood panels and floor. Rooms are furnished in roomy and comfortable rooms with sofas. Philippe Starck's design for the house includes a sitting and eating room in a sunny room with a suspended roof of ice and a large patio with a view of New York City.

And after a night in New York City, visitors can enjoy a nightcap on Sky Terrace, a lounge on the roof overlooking Manhattan on the fifteenth-story, or in the Library Bar, a cozy area reminiscent of an old British nightclub, play pool, read a game of books and talk.

In Hudson Common, a contemporary beergarden with shared desks, fireplaces and sofas, you can also taste traditional drinks, traditional drinks and traditional cakes. Decorated with pots, pick nick desks and candles, the courtyard is open in early and late May. Beside the outside terrace is Hudson Lodge, a wooden furniture Chaletbar, genuine taxi rides, faux fur cushions and ski-inspired cuisine.

Half & Half is an inside hotel ballroom and dancing room, based on the Manhattan city centre arts and musical scenes, with revolving artistic installation and a combination of cocktails and cuisine. The Hudson Hotel has several conference and function rooms and is a great place for a glamorous New York-style marriage.

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