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The Columbia Memorial Hospital, Hudson, New York. Hudson Valley has two veteran hospitals (Castle Point and Montrose) and seven VA clinics throughout the region. - Peter Lamparello, M.D. Hospitals.

A list of hospitals, clinics and doctors in the vicinity. Shepherds Memorial Hospital-Croton, Hospital, Medical Services & Dental Services.

70 Prospect Ave, Hudson, NY, United States of America

I' m informed that the blast on my foot was an arthritic in the North Dutch woman. and then sent home on an antibiotic. Dr Kogan was very kind, just like Dr Rami. Emergencies should be the last place you need to think about whether the physician who sees you will take out your policy.

On a personal level, I knew two men who were killed after being "treated" in their dirty emergency room for relatively mild symptoms. "Not even rated, but I suppose I'll be compelled to give 1 badge! Not to mention: "You know what, we're not but your PA policy..... You only save NY People's Insurances & will never alert you before!

The doctor treats me like I'm two years old, doesn't take any notice, pushes me to everything and everyone he can. And I had my daugher here and a chole. We had a beautiful birth room and the meal was amazing. Doctors in outpatient surgeries have a lot to be proud of.

This was my first operation and the rooms were creepy. Fortunately, the pre-operative operating theatre and the operating theatre itself look new. Laboratory area' s in the hospital and I've never had to stay longer than 10 mins. All in all, it's a beautiful hospital. It' a septic tank at a hospital.

This is the place to be if you need healthcare in Hudson.


Hudson River State Hospital is a former New York State mental hospital that was in operation from 1873 until its closing in the early 2000s. Kirkbride ", which was declared a National Historic Landmark for its model High Vectorian Gothic, the first use of this architectural period for an US institute structure.

In 1867, Frederick Clarke Withers planned the hospital building. The project was to be finished quickly, but went far beyond the initial timetable and on time. Opened on 18 October 1871 as Hudson River State Hospital for the Insane[4], the hospital accommodated its first 40 people. It was gradually shut down a hundred years later as mental health care had shifted so that large clinics were no longer needed and service was provided from the Hudson River Clinic near by until its closing in January 2012.

Cheney building as seen from a near stripe wall, with Ryon Hall on the right. It has a number of exceptional buildings: Opened in 1934, Ryon Hall accommodated people who were either out of their minds or criminals. 6 ] It is located on the very southerly boundary of the site, overlooking Home Depot, in the shade of the much taller Cheney building.

Herman B. Snow Rehabilitation Center opened in 1971 and provided relaxation with two Bowlingbahnen, a midday table, an audience, a basket ball field and an inner-swimmingpool. It had a contemporary concreted and glazed structure with square, asymmetric sashes. The nine-member board was set up to supervise and supervise the progress of the work.

The architects Frederick Clarke Aters were chosen to create a structure according to the Kirkbride plan, then a favourite psychiatric institution designer theorem. Toers designed a 1,500 foot (457 m) long and over 500,000 sq ft (45,000 m²) of space, most of it two of which would accommodate people.

It was the first US institutionally built Gothic High Vectorian house. 11 ] The central office was finished in October 1871 and opened with 40 people. The New York Times sharply criticized the executive committee in 1873, the year the county's inhabitants were told the hospital would be finished,[11] not only for exceeding the government budgets, but also for wasteful flamboyance and wastefulness:

In spite of this amount of effort in terms of the hospital's budget and budget, the hospital's initial plans were not yet completed and would never be. In the 1960' a large fire damaged a hospital door and risked to expand onto the administrative buildings, but was stopped in a passage. Although the Snow Recreational Centre was added in 1971, the hospital management at the end of the 70s had chosen to close the two grand pianos, as only a few people were in them and some of the floor levels had crumbled due to abandon.

Until 1976, the hospital accommodated 1,780 people. 23 ][24] It is not clear whether this part of the edifice can be reconstructed after such serious damages. A fire struck the administration buildings again on the mornings of 27 April 2018. Since May 2012, the site has been under the ownership of CPC Resources, a New York City-based affiliate of the Community Preservation Corporation, a non-profit mortgaging financier that provides financing for multi-family homes.

A deliberate fire was started at the Hudson River Psychiatric Center on the early mornings of April 27, 2018, according to the Fairview Fire District Chief[27]. This fire was in the wings of the old main administration buildings, and the firemen were sent around 3:45 a.m.; more than a dozen agents reacted with help.

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