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Hudson Services Inc. is a family business. Any glimpses of old photos of downtown Hudson? Have a look at our homepage. CPAs and Consultants is a tax, accounting and management consulting firm based in Sylvester, GA.

Mid Hudson Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is a professional organization of experts in commercial and residential real estate.

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Built on May 21, 1832, James Hudson Taylor was the founding father of the China Inland Mission (CIM), one of the greatest Chinese religious movement in the underworld. Taylor Hudson lived in Barnsley, the father of a chemist and laity sermonist. For a while in his early years he sacrificed his beliefs, but in 1849 he not only rediscovered his beliefs, but also chose to go to China as a misionary.

In 1852 he began his study of medecine in London to prepare for his mission work, but had not yet finished it before he travelled to China for his first mission. In March 1854 he arrives in Shanghai, in the middle of the summer conflict, and spends the next few years traveling, teaching and providing health care to the population.

Hudson Taylor Maria Jane Dyer got divorced in 1858. In 1860 they went back to England. James Hudson Taylor established CIM in 1865 and the following year he sailed to China with his family of fourteen. In 1867 he died his daugther Grace of chronic leprosy, in 1870 his little boy of undernourishment and a few day later his first woman Maria of chicken.

On his return to England, Hudson Taylor was wedded to Jane Elizabeth Faulding and in 1872 came back to China. Taylor spent the remainder of his career in China, and suffered the hardship of a land ravaged by conflict, disease and harassment. Hudson Taylor last came back to China after the deaths of his second Swiss bride in 1904, where he passed away on June 3, 1905.

His funeral was next to his first bride Maria.

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