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Worked at Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union: staff appraisals

I' ve not seen a soul in the firm who wasn't at my side when I joined. It is also expanding rapidly, giving you room for a level of individual advancement and business that you won't find anywhere else. Our managers take their sweetest moments and invest in your future success.

Our members really take good charge of their well-being. It is horrible, the planning is worst than anything I have ever seen for a bench, the workers are tired of working here, and there were about 5 guys who left last months and the top managers think it is because they "hire the right people" but will never agree that they are the ones who bring this place to the floor every but one.

Highly concentrated on selling for a "credit union" and bombing the personnel for numbers and sells every hou. But 10/10 wouldn't suggest working here until there' s a change in my husband's family. You don't take an employee. If you try to cause them problems, you' ll be blamed by your masters. They' re gonna throw you under the coach and they don't give a damn.

I immediately found out that working in the servicecentre means more work, less salary and less esteem than in any other one. There is only one single Servicecenter for all 14 stores with a maximum of 8 persons (which is rarely the case, as it is understandable that customers want to permanently vacate the Servicecenter).

You' ve got to be crosstrained in every section to help members, and many other sections will be treating you like a pain when you call to ask members about it. When you are considering working for this organization, you should consider applying for a job outside the Customer Care Centre.

A few of the executives are very evil, and they have no social competence at all. Top managment has no idea. A good corporate image, good leadership, a steady job willingness to provide training, good orientation. This credit cooperative devours negativism. Members of the executive committee who don't know or don't take part. The low salary and long working days made it hard to lead a private career.

I' ve taken account of these needs. I could always reach the managment when I needed help with something. Most difficult part of my work is when I'm not able to do what a member asked me to do, maybe it's something we don't have and I am not able to do what's the most difficult part of my work.

There' is no consensus within this firm, there is no employment certainty, managment is a gag, benefit is terrible, the days are long and you have no probability for a one to one's own existence, give it your everything and then some and give up a great deal of your one to show that you are just initiated to your work without cause and without any preventive activity to be finished before.

They' ll never help you, only take you on. Use caution, because you can get a vacancy from them quite quickly, but you can loose your position just as quickly. It is a medium-sized credit cooperative that is trying to expand as quickly as possible. Like any organisation, there are good and not so good parts for the business.

There' s quite a bit of agitation going on within the firm now, but eventually I think it's for the best and the benefit of working for and being a member of a Credit Union always outweighs a merchant bank. Credit union is a great place to work, which makes prudent individuals, but it is very sluggish to manage to correct it.

I would have withdrawn with this firm if I hadn't moved. The top managment is great and it's a great sense to be valued where you work.

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