Hudson Grill Alpharetta

The Hudson Grill Alpharetta

The Hudson cricket, North Point, Alpharetta, GA. Above Are you looking for a sport club in Atlanta? They want it, we have it: burger, steak, fresh shellfish, grand pianos, enormous draught beers, full pubs, parties, UFC, boxes, way too many TVs and EVERY match! Sure, you will see the classic of the matchday, but we also have many healthful, topical and gluten-free choices not found in any other sport arm.

At Atlanta, we have the best parties rooms and can meet any need, large or small.

Hudson Grille North Point - 17 pictures & 36 votes - American (traditional) - 7955 N Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA - Restaurant ratings - Telephone number

I' ve had the Four Horseman burgers with the ghost-pepper gravy, apricot-habenero jam and jalapeƱo-fryer. Services? One badge is for the new $5 beverages - definitely not for the dinner. I' ve liked Hudson's and keep trying. However, after going 4x in the last few month and each case I can be upset.

Every meal that comes out of the oven when it is cool - not too little, just never too much and always hardly any warmer. We' ve always spoken to the manager - I couldn't even use my $10 before my birth date was up ('we tried twice this month) because the meal was so poor that the crib composed it.

Many other' regulars' said the same to me - eating is always chill! but if they can't get their act together, they won't live. It was bad service....the meal came out unbelievably slow...and it wasn't very heated when it did.

Hudson Cricket will probably go in the same vein because they are not cogent. It was a surprise to see this Hudson grill in the old Champs at North Point (next to PF Chang's). Only a few months ago my man and I tried to go to the Hudson Grill, which was on hw9/windward, but it found to be shut down.

The Hudson Grill has been a place I went to a fistful of case a gathering, mostly for the Monday burgers specials--$4 off with a VIP ticket. There are occasional changes in the choice of burgers with different name and topping, we always get the vegetarian one. Now, when they came 20 minutes later, two were good, then we saw that they have completely forgotten the lower roll of our children burgers, come on guys.

And then the businessman came and apologized and said they were giving us free sweets. Quick lead to the end of the dinner, no offering of a desert for the almost 2 hour wait for the dinner, I don't think the boss even told ourarten.

Irritated by this event and will try again, perhaps for a few nights, but we will definitely be waiting a while. I' ve not copied them yet, I will refresh my reviews and give them the advantage of doubts this year...). Things are still better than at Taco Mac and the beverages are not as good as at Ale House, it is a middle of the two.

The best time we' ve ever had on a Hudson's cricket. Dinner was awesome. and the Buffalo Chicken Wrap was amazing. Definitely be back for LeAnne and the dinner, even though we are living in Marietta. After all, we realize that big partys usually last longer, but the meal lasted over an hours.

Walkers were ignorant about what meals were served and could not see what kind of seafood was a meal, one individual ordered bony tender and got bones, and all the meal was chill. Horrendous services. Pianos, burger, apps or beverages; they're all fantastic. However, overall I am always happy with the level of customer satisfaction, the meal qualitiy and the serving area.

We served them well, but the dinner was awful. Some of my daughter's barbecued cheeses had molten cheeses; she only had a few morsels. At noon on Saturday we should have known from the mostly empty car park that we had a frustrating one. This is our third visit & had no problem with the meals or the services!

The waiters were comfortable &! delivered our beverages quickly. We had delicious food: we served tenderloin taco, harvest lettuce & BLT mozzarella-sandwiches. Waiting for the meal was very short. Beverage refilling made simple! Managers came by too, which is always kind. Poor eating, poor servicing. On Saturday night we came to a half-full eatery and said there was a 20-minute waiting for them.

UGA Breakfast Burgers I ordered were very simple, not really flavored, zero aroma. I had french-fried potatoes. They were really freezing. I had to order another ale, and I had to sit for 15 min until a management came by and asked if he would get me one. Waiting for dinner is terrible and no communications from the servers.

Waiting 45 mins. The waiters were very impolite and it took over an hours to get our food (two of them were wrong). So we sat down within 10 minutes and had very observant waiters. Beverages, starters, children's food and starters came out without any problems. Sugabreakfast burgers are tasty, but there are no herbs on the meal.

I was there twice, both times during the week for lunches, the place only had a few desks at both times. Service (time to get food) was slooooow (20+ min?) Since many other reports had pointed out there were only a few customer charts there, I can't figure if it's full then how long folks would have to wait. Here is a list of the most important ones.

On Monday, the burger's $4 is a lot. Burgers was tasty. It will definitely go down, but the pace of servicing really needs to be improved. Three times I've been here since it opened three month ago.... I still haven't found a solution. It was a bad shakedown. Some of our order (guac & chips) was forgotten by the waiting lady, which led to a delivery failure of the starter to our desk.

As soon as the storekeeper got word, we were informed that everything would be done. Shrimps & grains were like prawn broth. The place is not organised, the meals are average, the services are terrible. Quest frieso on my turkeys burgers have been substituted with something similar to nache.

Well, this one.... just terrible. Four of us all were in agreement about the most terrible ministry we had in our life. Eating came out badly for each of us (not for all of us). No excuses, no compassion, nothing. I' ve had a better night's entertainment in the bars. Hudson's Brookhaven is a great place to eat.

Hudson's Alpharetta is not.....

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