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Make an appointment with Jim Hudson Ford for first-class maintenance and repair. The Hudson Ford is a British band that owes its name to Richard Hudson and John Ford, both from Velvet Opera and Strawbs. BBC artists page for Hudson Ford. Browse the best clips, watch shows, get the latest news and read the latest interviews from Hudson Ford. Come to Jim Hudson Ford in Lexington for a variety of new and used cars, parts, service and finance.

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If it comes along times for regular car servicing and general servicing, the Jim Hudson Ford Car Repair Center is the best and only place to consider. Adhering to Ford's suggested servicing and repair plans is the simplest way to ensure a long and healthful lifetime for your Ford brand.

No other Autotechniker is more skilled to run your F-150, Fusion or Mustang as smooth as the car you parked it the night you drive it. We even maintain Ford delivery and super duty lorries so that your company never suffers from your cars.

It' simple to arrange a car maintenance meeting. Should you have any queries about the car rental we offer, please call us at 803-250-3322 and we will be happy to help you.

Hudson Ford | Biography & History

John Ford's (bass) and Richard Husdon's (drums) rhythms group worked with the repertoire of the German musician. Before with Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, and then The Velvet Opera, the duet withdrew from the song writing disagreements of The Strawbs to Hudson Ford in 1975.

In The Strawbs Hudson played deep in the mixture and often let the kits for whole tracks for singing or performing lead instruments, while Ford filled the void by performing a strongly concussive bassline rhythm. However, their music for Hudson Ford ranges from McCartney-like smooth skirt to glamour, with an incidental pitch to their electrical pop past.

Hudson left the percussion to others to concentrate on vocals and guitars, and Ford expanded his vocals and acoustics.

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