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We' ve got a rare position for a talented designer with a proven track record in editorial design or publishing who joins our in-house senior-level design team. With our expertise in interior design, we are able to react to the architecture with details such as furniture, lighting and fittings. A boutique shop that values quality design craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. Buy your favourite Hudson's Bay jeans. Hudson had a little party last night in her downtown showroom.

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Headquartered in East London, Hudson Rock Designs is an exhilarating new East London-based designer firm offering tailor-made hotel interiorservices. Founded in 2014 by Rick Hudson, an award-winning designer. Beginning with a complete concentration on the customer's needs, our approaches to designing products bring along creative and passionate ideas and deliver a complete solution on schedule and on budget.


SHARK Series fuselages are specially engineered to offer a more convenient and robust rudder deck while retaining excellent features. Conceived by the world's premier marine designer Steve Killing, our second-generation fuselages build on the heritage of our first generations, the fuselages Britt Chance Design. Fuselage forms are optimized to minimize resistance at racing speeds - both viscosity and undulation - and to minimize the additional resistance due to movement of the team.

This arc's small entrance drastically lowers the characteristic impedance generated by the shell. A small bulk at the tip alone would cause a fuselage to have a greater inclination to pit (bow/stern). In order to counteract the trend towards casting, the noise level is added as far forward as possible, but in such a way that the various resistance elements are balanced to maximise power.

Add the bulk to the fuselage at exactly the point at which the resistance resulting from the modification of the section is balanced by the advantage of the reduction in inclination. Comprehensive work on the SHARK range in the field of computational fluid dynamics contributed to the optimization of the compromises.

Obviously, this shape is more or less drama in different SHARK range boots. Taking into account the above remarks, it is understandable that each shell was developed on the basis of an optimizing procedure specifically for this shell category and style.

Hudson Men AW17 Collection

The Hudson Men's aw 17 has just arrived - so there is no better moment to learn more about the AC? Roger Pereira, Head of Men's Designs, met us to find the inspirations behind the work. So what is the story behind the A/W 17 series? Most of the collections relate to the rockers' sub-culture inherited from our legacy, but there are other topics running through the series.

The subject relates to the aesthetics of walking and the army. Featuring a pole that draws its inspirations from the tradition of walking shoes, combined with our contemporary workmanship, it has an extra-light insole that can be taken anywhere! The subject is based on the British soccer terraces style and was created in the 1980s and early 1990s.

The Hudson Twin for comfortable shoes - a contemporary boot design with the design of a sleeker. It is the ideal combination of classical and fashionable comforts. We' ve added earthier shades like blue, green, olive, bordeaux to match the normal male palette of dark, light and dark brows.

Men's footwear doesn't have much color. We' ve been experimenting with the olive-black combo on the Alford, and I'm sure the bordeaux Arbor Brogue and Bennini Loafer will be a real eye-catcher this year! So what did you enjoy most about creating the line? The challenge was to design an external shape, but the inner convenience of a jeansneaker.

Developed for wearing from morning to night. Our aim is to offer our customers the right mix of edging and convenience. Next months you will learn more about Hudson 365 - keep up!

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