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Careers at Hudson College

ressources Careers and Transfer Centre can support them: the Centre for Careers and Transfer: It is free and easy to access by making an appointement. Computer are available in the centre for jobs and CVs. The benefits for graduates include: Please call our offices at (518) 629-7326 to make an appointement.

Here are some general rules for foreigners looking for work. Please note that the Akademisches Auslandsamt is the central contact point for foreign exchange candidates. Oncampus EmploymentAn F-1 F-1 graduate is entitled to work on college campuses without the consent of the Department of Migration. If you are looking for a job, contact the Academic Advisor to find out how to obtain the necessary social insurance cards.

In the following links, the only places available to foreign college graduates on our campuses are referred to as college workers. The number of college worker jobs is restricted and will be published in the Center for Careers and Transfer and in the job data base. F-1 candidates are not allowed to work off-campus during their first year of university.

Careers in research and major fields of study: In many areas such as costs of life, mean wages, taxation, meteorology, unemployment and more. ERI's Value of Livingmap your professional development objectives and get a free estimation of the costs of life for a specific area in one of the more than 7,200 US, Canadian and overseas residences.

Urban SnapshotsA comparative study of the costs of living and other subway area determinants. While the Center for Careers and Transfer provides its service to all our current and former scholars, it has created a range of extra facilities designed to provide special benefits to disabled people.

You can reach our offices in the Siek Campus Center, room 201, by lift at the northern end of the school.

Over the Elliott Hudson College

The Elliott Hudson College is part of the GORSE Academies Trust and can therefore provide you with an all-round excellent learning outreach. It ensures that you acquire the skills and skills and portfolio you need to make your selection of university supplier or job. The Elliott Hudson College will concentrate on providing young students in the Leeds metropolitan area with a truly inspiring post-16th grade educational background.

Through Elliott Hudson College, we are committed to showing that wealth and disadvantage must not be allowed to restrict the level of a young person's education and the level of performance to which these pupils can grow. The Elliott Hudson College, a Leeds Teaching School Alliance strategy ally, benefits from the highest level of excellence and expectation.

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