Hudson Central Park Hotel Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor Hudson Central Park Hotel

New York Grand Central Hotel. Its location is perfect, close to Central Park, Moma, Met, etc.. Hudson Highlands State Park offers walks ranging from easy to difficult. Explore Extended Stay Reimagined at this Times Square hotel.

Centre and a stable where the horses of Central Park are sprayed at night.

SoHo Hotel - Soho, New York

Orlo SoHo is a cleverly crafted micro-boutique hotel with macros in Manhattan's old print quarter between Soho, Tribeca and Greenwich Village. On the roof, the cocktail lounge offers a cocktail, artisan beer and a view of the city centre; or select your venom at the Lobby-level Liquor Lounge and sit down in an ergonomically shaped chair or sheepskin-covered couch in the lounge.

The 24-hour Chamber of Crafts and Crafts is an appetizing choice for the hunger lover. There is an extra room charge of $3.50 per guest per day at checkout. We have partnered with the DogPound Fitness Studio ( and Sky Ting Fitness (, with courses for our guest - they are very loved, so make your bookings in advance if you can.

Restaurants, two bar cocktails (one roof), café, free WiFi, free WiFi, priority bikes on reques. City Queen terracing rooms have a few additional sq. metres of interior area ('160m²), but the major attraction is the spacious courtyard with two deckchairs, an outside showers and a view of downtown Manhattan.

The Arlo philosophy: Everything you need, no deductible. High chairs are available at Harold's Mate + Three restaurants. Head chef Harold Moore takes the warm and simple nature of South African friendliness to his light and home-style Arlo SoHo, Harold's Mate + Three cuisine. Whether it' s breakfasts, lunches or dinners, the whole idea is the same: choose a meats (or a protein-rich vegetable alternative) and three side kicks.

Visit Good Story, the indoor-outdoor roof-mounted cocktail lounge, artisan beer and Hudson Riviera view; all the better if it's a pop-up event at this point. Far, far below, the slim, modern styling of the Arlo Liquor Restaurant attracts local people and visitors to a cocktail from the constantly shifting menu and a bite of Harold Moore's cuisine.

Harold'sMat+ Three is open every day from 6am to 10pm. The Arlo Liquor Bar opens at 11 am and shuts at 11 am. The majority of JFK (www.airport-jfk. com) is 45 min by car and charges a $52 lump sum in a taxi plus tolls and tips - about $70 in all.

The LaGuardia International is nearer; it will take about 40 min to get to the hotel and a personal pick up will cost about $35. You can take the closest metro to Canal Street, a few walking steps from Canal Street and Varick Street. Whether you take a inland or not, the Grand Central Terminal on the other side of Manhattan is a magic city.

New York is best for the pros, but if you are arriving in your own car, the hotel offers a $55 per overnight park service. Go westwards and stop just before your legs get soaked and you'll find yourself in Hudson River Park, a grassy strip that runs up the western side.

Close by are Soho for groceries, Greenwich Village for Czech inheritance and Tribeca for a fast real estate smash and all for food and drink until your stomach whimpers for clemency. From Canal Street train stop, take underground line 1 to Midtown and Central Park to the west and to World Trade Center and Bowling Green to the west, where yachts leave for Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Staff will probably only let you in if you ask a nice question; inside there is a mysterious prohibitive ambience and an original cocktail mélange.

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