Hudson Cafeteria

Cafeteria Hudson

Check out the menu for the Hudson Cafeteria. before I went to the theatre. You see what your friends say about Hudson Cafeteria. Getty Images' perfect Hudson Cafeteria stock photos and editorial news images. Hudson Cafeteria is perhaps the strangest restaurant in New York.

Cafeteria Hudson

The cafeteria inside the new Hudson Hotel was designed by Ian Schrager, Phillippe Start (designer) and Jeffrey Chodorow (restaurateur). The 15,000 square meter large building has open brickwork partitions, ceiling-high cabinets, long, roughly chopped wooden desks, seats and bishop's stools that give the impression of dining in a fireproof room. The planning of the mechanical, electrical, sanitary and fire protection systems for this new restorer was carried out.

High-quality cafeteria food? Well, why not - it's NYC!

It' a one-of-a-kind eating event - it's an unusual, fun cafeteria. This was a one-of-a-kind event - but very fun. It' s a cafeteria design - it's so special. Classy cafeteria - Whodathunkite? Here is a dash of Brussels sprout ($10) with homemade samball and puffed fishes. When I was a child, he used to let me consume every kind of vegetables.

I am a self-proclaimed top chef junkie and have so often been told "sous vide" - I had to try it out at last! Fried fingerling potatoes with jam and cherry ($8). Conference - another word you often hears in the cookery shows. In essence, chocolate is a means of conserving foods in a single ingredient - a kind of chocolate that is dipped in a layer of duff, while a typical ingredient is extra virgin olive-oil.

They were goody-- I should've been more adventure-seeking. There were crunchy bits, smooth bits and everywhere in between. but I wish I'd tried the Brussels sprouts or something more upbeat. They had these unbelievably big doughnuts and one was even coir crème.... but it seemed a little too big.

I could almost not stop it after I had filled up my flesh and potato! It' a fun and trendy place - very stylish - and quite reasonable for NYC. It is so different to have this cafeteria like an institution - I used to love the singularity of it.

When you are adventure-seeking - the cheeseboard looks quite singular and there were many other funkie possibili.

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