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American (New), Breakfast & Brunch, Cocktail Bars. Hudson, NH, offers breakfast, lunch and home cooking catering that is most popular with family and friends. We offer breakfast during the week, as well as our popular weekend brunch. The best breakfast in Hudson, delicious lunches and dinners, burgers, shakes, sandwiches, specials, desserts. Hidden in the heart of Hudson, Le Cozy Café is your packed lunch.

Chosen for the best breakfast or brunch in Wayne County!

Hudson Café is proud to present an exquisite and contemporary touch on a classical Detroit inner center breakfast meal prepared by the classy cook Tom Teknos with his associates Stavros and Francesco Adamopoulos. Of course, our cousin is the Hudson's Kaufhaus flag ship, which occupies the part of town on the other side of the road between Grand River and State on Woodward Avenue.

This name was chosen to express our intention and devotion to growing with this town as we work to do justice to Detroit's slogan, "Speramus meloria; Resurget cineribus" or "We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes". When we were given six bustling years in our inner-centre Detroit, we extended to other metropolises in Detroit with our affiliated The Jagged Fork canteen.

Jagged Fork is located in Grosse Pointe Farms and Rochester Hills and will be extended to other sites over the years.

The Hudson

Each sandwich is accompanied by hand-cut chips or coleslaw. Serve on a small sandwich and with salad, tomatoes and our own tartar sauce and mayonnaise. With Hudson's spicy mayonnaise, salad, tomatoes and onions on a role of chips with tartar sauce. Meat and vegetables.

Marinaded and barbecued courgettes, butternuts pumpkin and mushrooms on a small bread with salad, tomatoes, bulbs and sliced slices of Switzerland scallions with tartar sauce and mayonnaise. Chicken breast stewed in redwine, tenderly grated and gratinated with Switzerland cheeses and crunchy shallots. Serve on a bread with mustary-seed oil.

Zoe's fried roast roasted chicken with tomatoes and molten svissese. Rounded with Zoë's Speck and on a small sandwich with cereal-mioli. Marinaded chicky breasts meet the barbecue and are covered with Switzerland cheeses, salad, tomatoes and onions. Serve on a small sandwich with Hudson's steak and mayonnaise.

Perfect spiced home made roast meat cut into thin slices and baked with baked cheeses. Serve on a small sandwich with our home-made au jus. Shellfish. Home-made home-made fish soup with molten smoked scallops of smoked cheetah on 8-corn-bred. 4 slices of Zoe's crunchy speck, eggs, salad, tomatoes and mayoes on a 8-granule roast...mmm.

Breadcrumbed native oyster, roasted and covered with cheesecake, salad, tomatoes, onions and toast. Roasted Alaska cod with our homemade French chips, tatar and coleslaw. Black Sockeye salmon covered with L,T,O and on an imperial role with remolade serving. Baked beers and covered with tatar, salad, tomatoes and onions.

Half a pounder and hand-made with fried champignons and baked to perfection with casserole. Half a pounder and handmade with homemade barbecue dressing, cheeddar cheeses and onion. Half a poundage and handmade on rye with baked onion, rye, baked cheeses and our classical music.

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