Hudson Athens Lighthouse Hudson Ny

Huderson Athens Lighthouse Hudson Ny

Lighthouse Hudson-Athens, accessible from Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, is the northernmost lighthouse on the river. On the Hudson River, the northernmost lighthouse rises like a little jewel from the river. The lighthouse is a Second Empire style lighthouse in the Hudson River. Take a look at some of our favourite lighthouses on the Hudson River. The Hudson Athens Lighthouse, also known as Hudson City Lighthouse, on the Hudson River, New York.

The Hudson Athens Lighthouse Photo Competition

For more than 20 years, members of Hudson Athens Lighthouse have been decorating the lighthouse for the Christmas time. This year again, the building will be lit to the delight of the locals on both Columbia County and the Greene County side of the Hudson Riviera. Also the tugboats and barge that pass the exhibition and sail along the rivers during the conservative memory of the holidays on the canal.

Amtrak drivers will be received on the premises shortly before they reach Hudson or shortly after leaving the train terminal on their way to New York City. Prior to the freezing cold, visitors take a ferry to the lighthouse and from the top of the lighthouse to the lower balustrades and around each edge of the lighthouse until it is fully surrounded by it.

You brought some chains of light and spent the afternoons setting up candles. A few years the wintry conditions would last and it would be very chilly, and a few years it would be snowing, but that would not keep the lighthouse members from their job of delighting the twins.

Each year more luminaires are added, this year one of the best. We are now doing tribute in October to the courageous and cordial lighthouse crew who are going to the lighthouse before the end of the boat racing period. Over the past few years, the Bank of Greene County has provided the more than 1,000 foot of lighting.

Each year we turn on the light, there's the agitation of how it's gonna look. Are all the candles gonna work, did we miss something? The lighthouse is known to be a popular motif for photographs in the cold seasons. Hudson Athens Lighthouse Society invites you to send in a photo of the lighthouse 2017-2018.

We copy the photo chosen, mate it and sell it in the souvenir store to help the Hudson Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society. The photos become the properties of the Hudson Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society. Upload photos to Hudson Valley Ent. The lighthouse photo, 191 Route 23B stop 10, Hudson NY 12534;

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