Houston Wedding Venues on a Budget

Wedding Houston venues on a budget

Houston has amazing possibilities when it comes to affordable wedding locations. We' ve explored the city to offer you a versatile collection of event rooms! Accessible wedding venue | Houston, TX Eden's all-new event destination offers our clients the memorable and intimate experiences that every Houston couple is dreaming of at an accessible cost. The Eden Event Ball Room offers our clients a large hall for up to 250 people! There is a large room for dancing, celebrating and celebrating.

You can also use our all-inclusive package with caterer, photographer, cakes and DJs! No matter whether you are looking for a big or small wedding, our budget wedding restaurant is proud to offer you the best caterers, the best facilities and the best ambience of any wedding location in Houston.

Make an impression on your customers, make a lasting impression and let us party your wedding location Eden Even. Houston area has many great wedding locations, but there really isn't one like the luxury amenities at the Eden Events banqueting mall. This is the kind of one-of-a-kind location that requires a flawlessly organized experience, and our location provides the highest levels of detail and excellence.

The Eden events is an affordably priced wedding location in Houston that will keep your wedding in Houston as if it were our own. It is our aim that your wedding location is exactly what you want and your wedding location will never be forgotten. Don't miss to visit our reception page to see how we can make your particular occasion even better!

Please contact Eden Eventstoday for more information on what we can offer for this particular event.

There are 5 amazingly cheap wedding locations in Houston.

Whilst some may think that the Houston city, often praised as the heartland of Texas, is only a country-inspired wedding venue, it is indeed home to a diverse set of venues that are as accessible as they are desired. Be it a ceremonial on a well-tended turf adjoining a string of falls or a welcome under specially illuminated Dinosaur, there are astonishing possibilities when it comes to budget wedding locations in Houston.

Situated in the midst of a 21-acre estate, this familys most famous and famous wedding celebration has been held for over 40 years and edges of lovely cypress creek. Shirley Acres provides a grass-covered patio for open-air festivities, with a choice of palms, pines and oaks, and a specially crafted fir thorn, perfect for the exchange of oaths. For your wedding or indoor welcome, this location has a garden hall or pavilion.

With 20-foot floors, candelabras and solid image portraits overlooking the patio, the garden hall has a bright and breezy atmosphere, while the pavilion provides an ambience of country-style sophistication with a wooden joist roof and wrought-iron candles. Join them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Las Velas is perfect for those who are dreaming of getting married in a typical Italian mansion but do not have the money to go to Italy.

There are also plenty of great photographic possibilities, as this mansion has a large stairway, arches of bricks and illumination suitable for a storage room. Join them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. A French Mediterranean atmosphere in this classy yet relaxed location, the first port of call for those looking for an architectural and natural setting. The exterior rooms are also equipped with an ivy-clad walls, solid oaks and a patio full of mahogany.

Please visit on? Facebook and Instagram. For those looking for a more festive wedding, there are plenty of stylish facilities in this French-inspired rural nightclub, which offers venues on the 185 hectare area. Principal venues for festivities and dinners are the large chandelier-lined rooms of Versailles and Fleur de Lis, the Formal Lawn with views of a row of 18 verdant falls and the terrace or the Palm Grille by the pool, ideal for private party.

Join them on Facebook, ? Instagram and Twitter. Featuring eleven function rooms where you can say your I do's under exotic flora and infinite moths, under floating and dramatic illuminated artifacts, in a glittering room with 750 of the world's most precious stones and minerals or amidst jets of jets of water, tree and starry sky, your wedding is sure to be one for the series.

We recommend that you stay at the exhibition before choosing your venue as there is such a broad range of possibilities. Bonuses: The Musée de la Musée provides dedicated illumination for events, allowing you to choose different colours, textures and gobo designs to create the atmosphere of your particular outing.

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