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East Shore Apartments - Hudson Manor

Hudson Manor is marvelous for large familys and groups looking to indulge in angling, canoeing, boating with Choptank sauces. Located about 15 min outside of Cambridge, this real estate is a holiday resort in itself. The house has a billiard room, a whirlpool, a swimmingpool, a privately owned whirlpool at the water, an open fireplace and canoes for guests.

Hudson Manor is the holiday home for you if you want to stay away from everything and just keep your keys in the drawers and unwind with your boyfriends and mates. This is a lovely place. Situated on the water's edge, the house lies at the estuary of the Choptank and offers a wide view of the canal.

The entrance is also extraordinary: it is a classical mansion in every respect. During our day we stayed at the swimming pools ide and in the evening around the fireplace. It is well equipped and comfortably furnished. It is an outstanding way to get back together with your boyfriends and your loved ones and get away from it all.

We' re taking our whole group to Hudson Manor. It is a wonderful estate and it is definitely interesting to go for a walk. This house has a lot of private sphere and room for everyone. Working with the ESV team was a joy, no surprise, they made the holiday very relaxed. The house was nice, neat, clean and roomy.

Away from the chart the estate is lovely with a lot of courtyard, with a huge lake and a lovely swimming pool. We' re definitely going to consider this house for a reunion. We' had a few homes sharing the Hudson Mansion over the workday weekends and it was a great one. There is a swimming bath, a whirlpool, a shielded veranda, a fireplace, a swing for the children and the fact that we are directly at the cove made our holiday so much enjoyable.

A stunning estate with stunning view, lots of space to enjoy and unwind. Lots of space for our 15 grown-ups, 5 small childrens and 1 document. We' ve brought 18 people, from a grandparent to a 3 year old, into the house and had a great family. It was a great swimming area for the childrens and they were enjoying angling from the dock.

We' had a great quality holiday on this beautiful estate. This would be one of our best holidays. That house was great. The house was leased for a spiritual retreat and everyone had a great holiday. It is located on a large plot of ground that offers a wide range of sport and sunbathing facilities.

It is also very well equipped. Four days at Hudson Manor were exactly what we needed, outdoor fire, a vast sun room where all 17 of us could admire the waters all afternoon, many cards on the large dinner tables and some very fun swimmingpools.

There is nothing you can do with Hudson Manor Manu REPONSE: Please notice - this customer had a outside marriage and used the estate as a meeting place for the week-end after the marriage.

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