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In-House Realty wants to buy everything from a single source with the purchase of OpenHouse | 2016-12-29

On-House Realty, a member of the Quicken Loans team, today announces that it intends to purchase the Toronto-based tech group and its own tech plattform from OpenHouse Realty, a Santa Monica, California-based housing group. Open House was founded at the end of last year when Agency Ace, a data-driven referral services firm, purchased property developer fiPio, which offers property buyers a personalised, lifestyle-oriented searching environment.

Renamed OpenHouse, the firms boast that the new firm was a life style retailer that combined realtor tracking, data-driven realtor referrals and detailed neighbourhood and local authority information. Now OpenHouse is sells its proprietary technologies to in-house realty, which says it is trying to integrate all aspects of the home purchase processes into one single plattform.

"In an attempt to remove the intricacies and pressures that can sometimes begleiten, buy or sell a home, we are focused upon combining on-line home searching, getting a loan and joining with an agent into a more seamless experience for consumers," said Doug Seabolt, In-House Property CEO. Under the agreement, In-House Realty will purchase OpenHouse Realty, and its home and realtor looking property broker technologies platforms.

An OpenHouse spokesman said the firm is maintaining its own brands and brokerages, but is divesting its technological platforms. "To find a serious broker and a great home goes together," says Ron Frankel, CEO of OpenHouse Realty.

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