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CIRCA' s home base along the Hudson River Blue could also be yours! We' re staying at Haviland House: In theory, buying a house is much more fun than in practice. Only another WordPress page on Passive House Alliance US - Hudson Valley. Wursthaus, Catering, Koch Mark Elia, Elias Texas Connection, Elias Catering Co et House of Sausage.

1448 CR 351 Rensselaerville

For the first year in a lifetime, this very important house is one of the most beautiful houses in the enchanting little Rensselaerville town. Constructed in the end of the eighteenth and later rebuilt and professionally converted into the great Greek rebirth house, it is today. Perfectly cared for with an excellent interieur of elegant rooms, several chimneys, high doors and a working lift; this historic house is a real architectonic jewel.

Situated on a large plot of land, overlooking the main road, surrounded by many respectful buildings, whitewashed church towers and a historical mill, all of which form a picturesque town that deserves its place in the National Register of Heritage Sites. A 45 minute ride to Hudson Amtrak or Albany airports.

Hudson Valley Realty, LLC.

Hudson Valley Realty, LLC. The HOUSE was founded in 2012 to offer a range of residential and commercial properties to a highly imaginative client base. We have a small professional and artistical side to our work and we have a tendency to view properties from an artistical view. Our many years of expertise in landscaping, historical architectural and photographic work, and fashions enables us to better understanding the processes of purchasing, sales, or just the conception of a building.

It is our job to hear what you say, understanding what you think and finding the real estate you want.

Hudson Valley Oblique Villas A/O Construction

Conceived and constructed by Actual/Office Architects, this holiday home in the hinterland of New York is made up of two interlaced bands lined with diagonal black wooden umbrellas. Sleeve House is located on a gentle slope in the Hudson River Valley, about two hrs to the north of New York City. The house was erected as a spectacular building project and is intended as a place of refuge for art-collecting city people.

Orthogonally in the ground floor the two-story apartment is made up of a long, straight line that is embedded in a bigger, broader area. "The house is designed as two long stretched bands - a smaller one into a bigger one - that sit on a cement base," says Actual/Office Architects, or A/O, a Brooklyn based study under the direction of Adam Dayem.

"It aims to provide a distinctive scenery and one-of-a-kind experience of space for its residents, while at the same time creating living comfort. They are covered in sloping timber panels that give the impression of a crooked house. It was carbonized with one of the best charcoal burners in Japan, namely Shaou sugar bang.

"Sideboards run as umbrellas over the long sides of the house to emphasize the cleanliness of the sleeping shells. To maximize the view of the scenery, the shorter ends of both bands are glazed walls." Inside there is an entrance hall and a small stairway in a slit between the inner and external volume.

In a two-storey area, the galley, eating area and lounge have reinforced staircases and partition walls and a black wooden roof. An inclined window panel provides a view of the valley and hills. "The rooms are large in style and are built with tough, raw material, which includes fair-faced cement and carbonized timber that runs continually from outside to inside," the crew said.

"It is as energetically effective as possible because the amount of glazing in the draft and as a developing process must be controlled in advance," the study added, adding that this hedge fund provides an alternate to the traditional architectural-client alliance. "It was realized as an architectural and engineering work.

It is more seen in the direction of other fields - cutting-edge designer, co-uture designer, high-end car designer - where an item of lust is fully trained for the user". They also worked as developers at Hudson Woods, a scandinavian inspirational hut developed and constructed by Lang Architecture.

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