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Chautauqua experience at Hotel Athenaeum. These are idyllic destinations for adventurers, romantics or those who want to celebrate an unforgettable wedding or a special event. Situated on the shores of Greenwood Lake, our inn is surrounded by five state parks. Fairbridge's business-friendly Hudson Valley Hotel and Conference Center also has a picnic area and ATM. Looking for great animal-friendly hotels in Nanuet?

Houtbeck (Hudson Valley, New York) Verified Ratings

While this Amenia property, two hrs from Manhattan, has undergone some changes over the years - Century in 1760, while it was added to Mt. 1919 - it is perhaps the most noteworthy for its consistency. The rooms are architecturally different whether they are in the mansion, the old chalet or in a temporary extension, but many of them are more up-to-date than you might think.

They are all luxury - this part of Hudson Valley has long been an exalted getaway - but in all its glory they don't sacrific either their personalities or their characters. Troutbeck Valley's traditional farming traditions are the ingredients for the Troutbeck restaurants, and the property has plenty of room to linger, from the bars and swimming pools to the libraries and garden.

The Hudson Valley's vibrant culture - and a world-class dining experience - is at your doorstep. Which could make the motel better: That was the last room for your appointments at this motel. Good tidings are that the hotels below are still available.

It is good to know that the room choices below are still available for your appointments in this city. You can also pick one of the other hotels below. I' m sorry, but the landlord has raised the cost of your room. Please check the new pricing below and try again if it is reasonable.

Otherwise the other hotels are also available. The system of this hospitality seems to be currently inactive. When you are in a rush, we suggest you choose another one. Modify your details or choose one of the hotels near you with avaibility. Please correct your data. We have an excellent customer service staff ready to help you find the right property at the right rate.

The number of rooms in this property exceeds 1 - there is no one room that can host you. It is recommended that you use more than one of the following rooms to house your group. Downstairs are the rooms that can house your whole group in a room.

To see them, please place your inquiry in 2 rooms. Hotels in the vicinity with availability: More hotels in Hudson Valley:

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